Report: Ed DeChellis to Navy

So I guess this is why we haven’t heard anything about potential assistant coaches.

According to David Jones, Ed DeChellis has accepted the head coaching position at Navy. I really don’t know what to say at this point other than ‘we’re screwed’. Many people have wanted DeChellis gone, and I will admit, it will be nice to see a new style of play at the BJC, but the timing couldn’t have been worse. We can speculate all we want about why DeChellis is taking a demotion. Jones suggests job security.

How bad does this make the PSU AD look? I do not want to be Tim Curley right now. But if I was him, I’d be offering Chris Mooney MILLIONS.

Much more to come on this shocker…

Update 1: (via Tim)

  • Mike Pettigano

    Wait… what?… hold on… SERIOUSLY?!?! No way.

  • PSUguy

    I heard Bobby Knight is rumored to be the lead candidate.