Inside The Bloggers Unwashed, Unshaven, Studio 2011: Temple Edition

The Temple Owl in his more manic depressive days.

ITBUUS returns with an old familiar foe as Mike Gibson of the popular Temple blog Temple Football Forever was kind enough to shower us with his vast insight about all things Temple football, along with his unabashed man-crush for everything Steve Addazio.

Time for me to eat some humble pie: If Temple had a QB last year, they would’ve notched their first victory over PSU post-World War II. How’s the QB situation working out for the upcoming season?
TFF: They did. His name was Mike Gerardi. Chester Stewart was God-awful at Penn State last year and his three picks made him appear to be damn near color blind. Not sure if the win would have occurred since Bernard Pierce went out with an ankle sprain after scoring two touchdowns, but I don’t think Gerardi would have thrown the three picks.
Use a TV show analogy to describe the Golden-to-Addazio transition.
TFF: ABC Evening News. Everybody thought Diane Sawyer wouldn’t measure up to Charlie Gibson and now nobody remembers who Charlie Gibson was, Diane is that much better. When Al Golden goes 5-7 at Miami and Addazio goes opens by winning 11 of 12 at Temple only those of us who remembered who Bobby Wallace was will remember who Al Golden was.

Lose the hair, add a 'stache, and BOOM. Steve Addazio.

Seriously though, what are the expectations in Year 1 of the Addazio era? Will he incorporate the same offensive system he used at Florida right away, or will he adjust to fit his personnel?
TFF: The first thing he said at his first press conference was he will adjust to the personnel. Bernard Pierce is the personnel. Give him the ball until he sprains his ankle again, occasionally using the play-action pass to keep the defense honest. At least that’s what I suspect. Later, he will recruit to implement his system. The key thing that separates this Temple staff from Golden’s is the assistants. Chuck Heater went 11-0 as DC at Utah. He was DC at Florida last year (really co-DC but Urban Meyer called him Mother Theresa, as in miracle worker). Scot Loeffler, the QB coach at Florida the last couple of years, was the QB coach who developed Tom Brady at Michigan. Addazio was the HEAD coach at Florida for the three months Meyer was on medical leave. These are big-time guys. Golden never had big-time guys.
In case you haven’t noticed: Penn State now has a passionate Philly native coaching their basketball team in Pat Chambers. How “not worried” are you?
TFF: Not worried because I’m about 90 percent Temple football fan, 10 percent Temple hoops fan and because Fran Dunphy is that good a coach and a person.


  • Wayne Hardin – Genius
  • John Chaney, - Recruiter
  • Bill Cosby – Old [TIM'S NOTE: Damn it! Was really hoping he'd say "Jell-O" or "Filth, Flarn, Filth"]
  • Pepe Sanchez - Juan Fernandez
  • Big East – Stupid
  • Western PA -  Adam DiMichele
  • Bob Saget – Funny only to himself

Unlike Bill Cosby, you'll never see Bob Saget around any Temple University sporting events. Sorry, Danny Tanner fans.











Last but not least, how times out of 10 does Juan Fernandez pull this off?

TFF: One, but that’s all that matters.



  • Jeff

    I find Bob Saget to be hilarious in small doses. The Entourage cameos? Brilliant (“Don’t you f*** my daughter!”). The “Aristrocrats” jokes? Great. But anything beyond that is getting to be too much.

    Also, good to see you again Mike. You’re a gentleman and a scholar, thanks for taking the time!

    • adamshell

      Narrating How I Met Your Mother? Quite pleasant actually.

  • adamshell

    Last but not least, how times out of 10 does Juan Fernandez pull this off?

    Depends… does he get to use three different pivot feet for each shot or just that time?