Linkbacker U. Is Starting To Get Comfortable With The Job

Coach Fickell's thoughts on "Love Story"

These links are high in nutrients for your mind-stomachs.

It feels weird, but I kind of like him. Luke Fickell is no longer subject to the “interim” tag, but probably would be well advised to win a bunch of games this year if he wants to keep the job. He also didn’t call back Terrelle Pryor because he was at a Taylor Swift concert. Hosannas all around, Luke. Now send your team into the tank and I’ll REALLY like you.

I’ll take a case. This is high grade trolling on a commercial level, and it also sounds delicious. Good on you, Sweetwater. Now just ship a case on up to Ol’ Buffalo and we’ve got a stew goin’.

Step one: Health. Step two: Existence! After a spending a year with Perry the ACLephantRalph Bolden and Purdue are getting healthy and may not be complete crap this year. Hell, at least they’ll probably get their bucket back from Indiana.

Please Kerry, don’t sugarcoat it. Former Arizona State wideout Kerry Taylor isn’t exactly enamored with ASU head coach Dennis Erickson. In fact, you could say that he thinks ASU needs a new coach, as that’s exactly what he did say in an interview with a local Phoenix TV station. The best part of this is that he’s right.

Someone doesn’t like Russell Wilson. And it’s Michigan State defensive lineman Jerel Worthy. Please, Jerel, your thoughts.

This guys on espn think that russell wilson gona change something at wisconsin. It still don't matter cause they ...
Jerel Worthy

In its entirety, the tweet reads “It still don’t matter cause they gotta come in spartan stadium. Homecoming he will see how the big ten gets down.” Worthy and the Spartans did beat Wisconsin last year, which just another reminder that taking Michigan State should be done at your own peril.

Quickly now…

  • The Pac-12 Network may not be on cable at all, going straight to the internet via a partnership with Apple and Google. How West Coast of them.
  • Eternal blood rivals Hawaii and Wyoming lost their rivalry trophy. This is why y’all can’t have nice things. Except, you know, the weather in Hawaii and the outdoors in Wyoming.
  • Florida’s Chris Martin is transferring for the second time in a year after getting busted for marijuana, which begs the question: Is a big ass bag of weed part of the UF orientation kit?
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