Inside The Bloggers Unwashed, Unshaven, Studio 2011: Purdue Edition

Photo taken from Purdue Pete's online dating profile. Nicely done, Pete.

ITBUUS rolls on to Purdue, with none other than Ryan from Boiled Sports, who was kind enough to offer his two cents. I’m pretty sure you know the drill by now, and if you don’t…well, you’ll figure it out:

LBU: Injuries derailed Purdue’s football season last year. Surely, it can’t get any worse than last year..right? What’s the outlook for the 2011 slate?
BS: Some Purdue fans blamed the cursed football season and other athletic injuries last year on the potential change to Purdue Pete.  Well, a ground swell of Purdue fans turned that around, and since then, no one’s blown out an ACL.  But at BS, we’re not as superstitious as some of our fellow Boilers.  Injuries happen to everyone.  We were more bothered by the lack of preparation in many of the games.  If that doesn’t get changed, it doesn’t matter who Purdue puts on the field, a winning record is nothing but a pipe dream.
All that said, we think a .500 season would be a pretty large accomplishment for a team that had no offensive identity and seemed to fail in catastrophic fashion week after week.
LBU: [New Indiana Football Coach]Kevin Wilson: A viable threat, or another Cam Cameron/Gerry DiNardo/Bill Lynch type of flame-out?
BS: Wilson had a mustache a few years ago, and chose to get rid of that.  We don’t take kindly to the mis-treatment of upper lip hair in West Lafayette…so he’s got one strike against him.  That said, you can’t argue with the guy’s resume and the players he’s helped produce.  But, not all coordinators turn into great coaches and some of the rumors we hear from Bloomington about Wilson’s behavior are less than glowing.
Hoeppner started to turn IU around and was the right type of guy to do it…and Wilson is no Hep.  Based on what IU students are saying, I’d have to say that Cam Cameron is a pretty good analogy- they’ll do some creative things, will score some points…but won’t get over the hump.  In spite of losing some firepower on offense, they should still be 4-0 heading into conference…but I don’t know if they can get two more wins during the BT season, honestly.  We’ve seen this a few times in Bloomington.
LBU: In case you didn’t notice, Penn State hired a new basketball coach in Pat Chambers and he has already infused the program with some ATTITUDE. Do you see Tom Crean finally having a worthy competitor when it comes to clapping?
BS: Tom Crean has no equal when it comes to clapping…let’s be clear about that.
But, who’s to say PSU can’t get back to where they were under Dunn in the early oughts? That said, big losses in the Valley would’ve made it difficult on whomever took the con next season…and Matt Glover is no Talor Battle.  So I think it’ll be a few seasons before you can fairly judge Chambers.
LBU: As for Purdue basketball: Robbie Hummel is back. JaJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore however, are not. How much of a chance do you give this year’s Purdue team to surpass the success of last year’s?
BS: Not much…at least for the regular season.  26 wins and multiple wins versus the top-10 is a pretty good season.  But the way the season ended was a slow train wreck for our alma mater.  No one outside the locker room really knows what happened in the closing weeks of the season, but when the dust settled, Purdue lost its sixth man to suspension and was a shell of its former self, especially on defense.
We think next year’s team will get better and better as the season progresses.  They might drop a few early as everyone figures out their new roles and a few new guys get worked into the rotation, but Painter’s defensive system isn’t going anywhere…and Purdue will be good again because of that.
Can they get past their first game in the B1G tourney second round of the NCAA tournament? With Lewis Jackson, Ryne Smith and Rob Hummel as the Senior leaders, I wouldn’t bet against them in March.  These three are tough as nails and won’t want their season to end prematurely.
  • Mike Alstott- Unstoppable
  • Jim Coletto- Whining
  • Drew Brees- Winning/Handsome
  • Gene Keady- Godfather
  • Bob Knight- Angry
  • Thomas The Tank Engine- Wuss
  • Drums- Nick Cannon
LBU: And finally, make a case for or against Matt Painter growing a mustache.
BS: As much as I’d like to, I can’t do it. Mustaches belong on campus in the football offices.  Plus, if anything, Matty needs facial hair on his chin, not his upper lip. Like me, no matter how in shape Coach Painter is, he seems to always have an extra half chin.  The best thing to do in that case is hide it.

We thank Ryan for his participation and wish our Leaders division neighbors the best of luck, October 15th notwithstanding.

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