This is, Signing Off

This will be the final regular post here at

In a seismic shift within the Penn State blogosphere that makes even’s consolidation of Zombie Nation, Happy Hour Valley, The Nittany Line and Raise the Curtains look like small potatoes, the ENTIRE staff here at LBU will be migrating our talents over to BSD. But that’s not all. Ben Jones from Victory Bell Rings will also be part of our New BlogWorld Order.

So what does this mean for LBU?

Well, technically, the blog itself will not be going anywhere. LBU will simply go dormant for the foreseeable future, save for our LBU Videos stuff, which I’ll touch on in a few moments. But what will happen is that you will not see the daily posts and content that we’ve been producing for you the past 18 or so months. Tim and I will be posting our 10 Minutes or Less videos on, but you all know how infrequent those posts are. The rest of our time and efforts will be moved over to Black Shoe Diaries.

This is an exciting time for Penn State blogging. What we are going to do at BSD is bring, literally, the best Penn State bloggers on the internet. It will have content second to none, and that’s even comparing to what you read every day at LBU. Of course, I’m not going to pretend that LBU has–in terms of quality of daily content–directly challenged for, if not become the top PSU blog over the past year, especially the past 6 months. I and my LBU brethren here have put in a hell of a lot of time and effort since starting up this experiment in January 2010, so it’s not surprising that we’ve been able to achieve this kind of success.

However, there is a ceiling to what we would have been able to do moving forward. Running an independent blog in the modern age of online sports media is much more difficult than someone with any sort of life can comprehend, particularly when the expectations of the readers keep going up, but your time and resources don’t rise with them.

I’m expecting my first child–a boy–on September 23* of this year. I just started a new job last week. And to top it off, I’ve just started looking for my first house. So already, things have been digging a bit into my time allotment for Having to deal with server issues, hacking and coding the site almost every day, and trying to write something more than a few times per week, I simply won’t have the time for the first two things.

That’s where BSD, more specifically SBNation, comes in. No more worrying about code. No more worrying about servers. No more worrying about anything but producing the best Penn State sports content on the web.

But what makes this easier for everyone, is that everyone is on board. Galen, Tim, Jeff, Nick, Peter, Eric and Kyle will all join me at our new home.

I can’t possibly thank them enough for everything that has gone into Even more difficult is thanking all of you, our readers, for the absolutely incredible support over the past year and a half. None of this would have been possible without every single visit from every single reader.

Remember, once a month or so during the off-seasons and once a week during the season, you will still get what possibly could have been the most highly anticipated series here at LBU–10 Minutes or Less game highlights. So I guess you will end up coming back here from time to time. But what we have had the past 18 months will come to an end this weekend.

Our crew will be migrating over to BSD over the next few days. The posting will begin bright and early on Monday morning.

1,062 posts. 1.2 million pageviews. Countless hours spent on the computer and on the sidelines. It’s been one hell of a ride.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

This is, signing off.

  • Steven

    Congratulations on the changes. You’ve all done a great job and deserve the extra exposure that SBNation will provide.

  • aluf (Joseph Goldstein)

    Congrats on the kid. Send pictures of him in his PSU jamies. While the change is understandable, (we all have a life outside Penn State), from a personal view I am conflicted. We are going from LBU family to SB nation. Family vs country. It’s definitely a downgrade. All comments in the blog were answered personally which won’t happen with a jillion comments (I also read BSD everyday) every time an article is written on BSD. Anyway good luck and know this, that your ten minutes or less is the Joe Paterno of blog entries. Not in the same league as BSD or any PSU blog that exists today.

  • aluf (Joseph Goldstein)

    I am angry and appalled. You give your time, your heart, your professionalism and turn out one of the best PSU blogs around and what happens? When you leave you get two people to thank you for your efforts. I know we are adults and don’t think life is fair but (insert expletive here) this seems exaggerated even for a cynic like myself. I, as a fan of your blog, am flabergasted and hurt.

  • 42

    Best of luck to you guys.

  • peter

    Thank you for all the good work! Looking forward to your BSD posts!!!

  • slwlion

    Thanks for a great ride !!

  • southern_lion

    Thanks for everything. Its been a great website….time to enjoy the new digs.
    Good luck on the new addition to the family and look forward to more blogging at the new location.