McGloin: "I am the guy to beat right now"

2010 Penn State vs Michigan State-61

The "West Scranton Gunslinger"... or so we're told.

The article was about Curtis Drake, who is hoping to return by August. But the story must not have had enough swagger, because the writer managed to work in one hell of a Matt McGloin quote:

Matt McGloin, one of the two candidates for the open starting quarterback job, was there. The other, Rob Bolden, wasn’t immediately seen at the event, at least for the first two-plus hours.

McGloin took over for Bolden as the starter in November, but ended the season with a five-interception outing against Florida in a 37-24 loss at the Outback Bowl. The junior known as the “West Scranton Gunslinger” hasn’t lost his swagger, though he says it’s still a wide-open race with Bolden going into August.

“In my mind, I am the guy to beat right now, that’s just the way I go about things,” McGloin said. “Obviously, there is an open competition. But I’m going to go in there and if I perform well, it’s going to be my job in the fall.”

Two things. One, NO ONE outside West Scranton, or the main stream media, knows McGloin as the “West Scranton Gunslinger.” Two, Mac’s quote was anything but saying he thinks it’s a wide-open race heading into the fall.

I really have nothing else to say about this. It’s just that ridiculous.

  • Sam

    Looks like words are taken out of context. I’m not a McGloin fan and would rather have Bolden win out, but the quote isn’t quite what the article puts out too be. When I first saw the link, I was like “There goes the loud mouth again” but I didn’t take it as that. I’m convinced that McGloin felt the same way entering the season last year with his cockiness. I don’t know if anyone remembered but he was acting the same way as a 2-3 string last summer. This is no suprise

    • Jeff

      That’s true, the article probably just threw it in because McGloin was talking. But that swagger is what has some fans against him. Though I will say, if Bolden said that exact line, I’m sure we’d be saying different things. Then again, mre people are on Team Bolden.

    • Eric

      I agree Sam. I’m in the same position and I don’t think McGloin is up to any antics, nor am I upset by this quote. I’m happy for him that he still has his confidence, but he’s just going to make himself look more like a tool when he throws 3 picks in a game again.

      • Peter

        Completely agree. What’s he supposed to say, “Well I kind of fucked up at the end of last season so I’m probably not going to start since I suck?” The inclusion of that quote is clearly to attract attention, but I’m having a hard time finding something controversial about it.

        Also, “West Scranton Gunslinger” is a terrible name.