PSU Point Spreads Improve a Bit

Via Phil Steele:

Penn State at Northwestern. Opened Pick. Now PSU(-3).

Alabama at Penn State. Opened Bama(-9). Now Bama(-8′)

Nebraska at Penn State. Opened Nebraska(-1). Unchanged.

Penn State at Wisconsin. Opened Wisky(-7). Now Wisky(-6).

Is this something to get excited about? Not really. But any sign of life is nice for Penn State. I was kind of surprised that Northwestern was considered a “marquee” game for 2011, and not others like Ohio State or Iowa.

(This is also the first trial run at a new kind of post here at LBU. It doesn’t show up on the front page, but does go to the social sites and in our feed. It’s a way for us to post stuff that doesn’t really need a full-on post or in-depth analysis, but is important/interesting enough to let you all know about.)

*Though, now apparently it’s not working quite like I intended. So bear with me on this. We’re working on it.

  • Galen

    I think handicapping Ohio State at this point is an act of futility. I don’t think anyone knows how the Buckeyes are going to regroup.

    • Jeff

      Yup. Plus, they’ll likely either have a freshman QB starting all year, or pull the Boeckman/Pryor move mid-season. Let alone all the chaos surrounding the team.

      • Mike

        This is why I don’t gamble.