10 Minutes Or Less: 2002 Penn State vs. Northwestern

This game was a classic Homecoming beatdown delivered against an inferior Big Ten foe. Coming off a controversial overtime loss at Michigan (a game which, would lead to the eventual adoption of instant replay in college football), Penn State was looking to take their frustrations out on someone, and that someone just happened to be a Northwestern team that was missing its starting QB Brett Basanez to an injury, and was forced to start an inexperienced in sophomore in Tony Stauss. PSU meanwhile, boasted a stingy defense led by Michael Haynes and Jimmy Kennedy on the defensive line, and an offense led by Zack Mills and a trio of Johnsons (brothers Larry and Tony, and unrelated Bryant). Larry would end up breaking Curt Warner’s single-game rushing record by racking up 257 yards on the ground, a record he would break again a few weeks later at Indiana with a 327 yard performance.

When all was said and done, PSU had themselves a nice 49-0 victory, its first shutout since the 1999 Alamo Bowl against Texas A&M. Be on the lookout for a couple of shirtless cameo appearances by Yours Truly (Tim).

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