2012 Football Recruiting Board

Linebacker-U.com has decided to change up our Big Board idea and give you, the reader, a better look at what (or more specifically, who) is hopefully coming to Penn State in the near future.

Rather than look at the offers that have gone out, many of which are debatable, unconfirmed, or just plain unknown, we’ll keep a running list of the top targets at each position, along with each position’s likely quota for the upcoming class. Not all of the players listed will have PSU offers, though most will.

Also, and this generally pertains only to linemen, players will be placed into the position they will most likely play in college. Making that determination this early, though, is a fool’s errand, as many of the linemen won’t see the playing field in college for three years. So don’t hold us to these early spots.

Since certain players that have been offered really have less than 1% chance of actually attending Penn State, keeping up with all of the offers is both tricky and somewhat misleading. However, if you do like to see who has been offered, you can track this on Lions247, Scout, or Rivals, to the extent that their records are complete.

As the new offers go out, we’ll keep this board up-to-date with the top targets at each position while removing the players that take their talents elsewhere. As such, remember this is a fluid board, and while it is based on the solid research of some great recruitniks, it in no way reflects the actual Big Board in Holuba Hall. Surprises will happen.

Penn State Class of 2012 commitments listed above each group in bold with commitment dates.

Quarterback (2012 Quota: 1-2)
1a. Skyler Mornhinweg (PA)
1b. Devin Fuller (NJ)
Analysis: Mornhinweg is currently the only true QB recruit with an offer, while Fuller, listed most places as an Athlete, has been told he’d be given a shot at the position if he comes to Penn State. This looks like it will end up being the entire Penn State offer list for QBs, as other “interested in Penn State” recruits fall off the board.

Running Back (2012 Quota: 1-2)
1. Will Mahone (OH)
2. Drew Harris (PA)
3. Brionte Dunn (OH)
4. Akeel Lynch (NY)
Analysis: After missing early on a couple of high-profile PA kids, Harris is potentially back in play with some diligent recruiting efforts. Mahone is still the No. 1 target.

Wide Receiver (2012 Quota: 2-3)
1. Eugene Lewis (PA)
2. Canaan Severin (MA)
3. Joel Caleb (VA)
Analysis: Severin and Lewis are the top targets, and WR recruiting will close if (when?) they both commit. Caleb is also being recruited as an athlete, so if the WR recruiting fills up, he could easily fill a DB spot, though getting him out of Virginia will be difficult, as he’s high on both in-state schools.

Tight End (2012 Quota: 2-3)
Brent Wilkerson (MD, 3/26/2011)
Jesse James (PA, 3/28,2011)
1. Kent Taylor (FL)
2. J.P. Holtz (PA)
Analysis: In what figured to be Kent-Taylor-or-busy for the position, it appears the staff might take a third TE regardless. Don’t count out the fact that either or both of the already signed TEs might change positions. Class of ’13 TE Adam Breneman is high on PSU, so nabbing a third TE here isn’t paramount, but would be nice with Taylor.

Offensive Line (2012 Quota: 4-5)
Anthony Stanko (OH, 3/19/2011)
Brian Gaia (MD, 5/9/2011)
J.J. Denman (PA, 5/18/2011)
Joey O’Conner (CO, 6/28/2011)
1. Adam Bisnowaty (PA)
2. Greg Pyke (MD)
Analysis: Heading into summer camp, this list was drastically different. With four linemen (Gaia was actually recruited as a DT, but could be placed in either column here) in the bag, the staff could probably fit one more into the Class of 2012, but it could also end here and be a solid OL haul.

Defensive Tackle (2012 Quota: 4-5)
Jamil Pollard (NJ, 4/10/2011)
Derek Dowrey (VA, 6/25/2011)
Austin Johnson (NJ, 6/25/2011)
1a. Jarron Jones (NY)
1. Tommy Schutt (IL)
2. Ryan Watson (MD)
3. Faith Ekakitie (IL)
Analysis: With the surprise additions of Dowrey and Johnson after summer camp, this position is likely one player away from being completed. Now, with Jones’ decommittment, things are interesting.

Defensive End (2012 Quota: 0-1)
1. Noah Spence (PA)
2. Noah Spence (PA)
3. Noah Spence (PA)
Analysis: Noah Spence-or-bust.

Linebacker (2012 Quota: 2-3)
Cam Williams (MA, 3/25/2011)
Nyeem Wartman (PA, 7/9/11)
Analysis: This position is done for the year. Solid group, but even more special when you consider the fact that Cam Williams has become one of the better recruiters for the staff.

Defensive Back (2012 Quota: 4-6)
1. Armani Reeves (MA)
2. Demetrious Cox (PA)
3. Jarrod Wilson (OH)
4. Malik Golden (CT)
5. Mike Tyson (VA)
Analysis: The highest position of need, PSU appears to be on top for Reeves and Cox, though we’ll need more than just those two once the 2011 season is finished.

Updated: July 14, 2012