New Year, New Off-Season, New LBU Videos!

It’s that time of year again, when we are left with nothing ahead but a barren wasteland of college football nothingness. Sure, at least we have the NFL playoffs to enjoy, specifically watching Penn State’s new head coach call the plays for New England as they destroy the Broncos. But with only the brief oasis of the Blue-White Game three months out, and the enigma that is the Bill O’Brien era weighing on everyone, we all need some relief.

So that leads to our 2012 LBU Videos season kickoff here at This is where we start throwing ideas against the wall for which games you’d like to see turned into our ever-popular 10 Minutes or Less series. For those of you not familiar (you should be!) with 10 MOL, what we do is take old Penn State football videos, chop them into highlight reels about 10 minutes in length, and post them to our YouTube account for easy viewing by Nittany Lions fans everywhere. Here’s a sample of what you’ll see:

But before we get onto your input, we will already cover the following opponents as part of our in-season coverage this fall:

Ohio University Bobcats
Virginia Cavaliers
Temple Owls
Navy Midshipmen
Illinois Fighting Illini
Northwestern Wildcats
Iowa Hawkeyes
Ohio State Buckeyes
Purdue Boilermakers
Nebraska Cornhuskers
Indiana Hoosiers
Wisconsin Badgers

So if we don’t follow up on a suggestion that includes one of those opponents, it doesn’t mean we won’t do that game for the fall season. See where I’m going with this?

This leaves the floor open to all of you. Which games do you want to see for this off-season season of 10 Minutes or Less? Send us a note with your suggestions!

  • psu78

    1983 Brown In honor of Joe and O’Brien both Brown alums.

    • Mike

      Hey, GREAT idea! We might even get this one up ASAP to kick off our season. But if we can’t, it will be one of the first ones!