Linkbacker U. hasn't watched a single bowl game

O'Brien high school photo

Bill O’Brien, in a photo obviously taken this week.

There once was a time I had… what’s it called? Oh yeah. “Time.” Now that I don’t have time, I can’t carve out a few hours every few days to watch crappy bowl games.

Did you hear the one about the Sandusky scandal being a sports story? It’s a good one. Also a riot, Brian Kelly did a better coaching job in 2012 than Bill O’Brien. These AP guys, they crack me up. At least the Maxwell Club got it right.

If the Penn State Board of Trustees doesn’t play Yakety Sax as background music for each meeting, they should start.

Not even close to hitting rock bottom. Penn State has fallen from 3rd to 13th in Forbes’ most-valuable college football program rankings. I expect next year’s ranking to make this year look good.

‘Cuz, you know, there was a “culture” problem. And Penn State couldn’t care less about graduating its players.

Penn State’s 2013 recruiting on par with the LSU’s, Stanford’s, and Florida State’s of the world? I’ll take it.

Wisconsin might get a better coach after all. reported former Urban Meyer assistant Gary Anderson AndersEn will follow his old mentor to the Big Ten.

Minnesota returns to the schedule in 2013. Ready for some Air Raid fun?

The “McTantrum”: get it now in York County, PA!

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