Linkbacker U. eyes Notre Dame's defense vs Alabama's U-boats

Notre Dame's Dazzle Camouflage

HMT Mauretania (top) with dazzle camouflage; a Notre Dame transportation department Smart Car (bottom), apparently in dry dock before embarking south to Miami through the dangerous waters of the North Atlantic.

Notre Dame isn’t messing around in its preparation for the BCS Championship game. The Fighting Irish apparently expect to face a Crimson Tide of U-boats, complete with dazzle camouflage on all university equipment prior to the impending battle along the Gulf Coast.

Happy Valley has never seen a true dynasty, huh? Penn State comes up just short of making the list of college football’s ultimate dynasties, according to Ivan Maisel.

Penn State, like the Army teams a generation before, beat nearly everyone it played over a long period. From 1968 to ’73 under young, fiery coach Joe Paterno, the Nittany Lions went 62-6 (.912). But the poll voters revealed their reservations about Penn State’s Eastern schedule by withholding their votes. The Nittany Lions went undefeated in 1968, 1969 and 1973, but finished second, second and fifth(!) in those AP polls.

BTN, The Deuce? Purdue bloggers have always, generally speaking, been good to me. The fellas at Hammer and Rails have really outdone themselves with this one.

Tone it down a bit, Buckeyes. We all know Ohio State is kicking itself for all those stupid violations, now that the Bucks have to watch the national title game from home. But seriously, this is a little much:

In fact, football players reportedly aren’t even allowed to suit up unless they agree to let assistant coaches snoop on their personal finances.

And that’s not the half of it.

Steroids in college football; not the problem it would seem to be. According to a good AP series on the issue of ‘roids in the sport, rapid weight gain among football players would lead many to believe performance enhancers are prevalent. But that might not be the case, explains Spencer Hall at SBN. He has good reason for the “food insecurity” argument, as I just came across this article about how bad calories are equally destructive as almost no calories. Science is great, but can be depressing.

R U going to watch? It’s the future of the Big Ten (Rutgers) against the one-time rumored future of the Big Ten (Virginia Tech), in tonight’s Russell Athletic Bowl. F/+ picks RU, but it’s hardly a safe pick.

Best college football GIFs of 2012, as compiled by Keggs n Eggs. Now, a more complete, Discount-Double-Check-ful version of the list.

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