To the blogosphere, I have returned


What, you think I actually own computers this nice?

As in many other arenas, blogging as an activity may come and go, but the spark never dies. In my farewell post last month over at Black Shoe Diaries, I explicitly stated that I wasn’t leaving the blog world forever. Conversely, today’s reintroduction post here at doesn’t mean I’m diving head-first into daily–even weekly–blogging.

My intent here is to establish that LBU isn’t dead. Not that it’s ever really been dead, with the videos still going up since my last exit. I will keep things focused on Penn State and college sports. So there’s no need to worry that this will morph into my personal “everything goes” blog.

Don’t expect frequent posting, at least right away. Currently, no successive posts are planned, and frankly, there’s not much to talk about now that I don’t have the pressure to force-generate content like the old days of blogging-as-a-second-job.

The pressure is off. It’s great. See you soon.

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