Bill O'Brien will stay at Penn State... for now

2012 Penn State vs Ohio Bobcats-2

We’ll get at least one more season of this.

Well that was fun, huh?

Dave Jones reported last night Penn State’s head coach Bill O’Brien will stay in Happy Valley for at least another season. BSD sums it up nicely:

The short and sweet of it is as follows: little known NFL coordinator takes over for most recognizable collegiate icon, faces unprecedented sanctions, leads team to 8-4 record, flirts with NFL, and returns for sophomore year to continue what he started.

Though I was disappointed that “BOB” might have gone to the NFL after just one season at Penn State–more so because it would be financially stupid at this moment in time to do so for almost all parties involved–how could I blame him for wanting to simply entertain the idea of interviewing?

As a fan, I believe that it’s better for O’Brien to stick it out at Penn State until his first bowl-eligible season in 2016. If at that point Penn State is still winning 8 games or more a season, then by all means he can do anything he wants. And if Penn State were to stay relevant through the sanctions, you better believe O’Brien will be courted by much better NFL franchises than the Cleveland Browns.

As a realist, however, I know that coaching is a job. Sorry folks, but there is no more Joe Paterno, or anyone like him, in the college coaching ranks. Not that it would happen, but if O’Brien stays at Penn State for 10 years, it would be considered a “long time” by today’s standards. The length of a coach’s tenure is not at all indicative of the potential level of success on the field. Keep that in mind.

So until this time next year, chill out. Penn State still has its head football coach.

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