This will likely change as needed, but we thought a quick Frequently Asked Questions page was in order, since there is more to this site that we used to offer.

I. Registration, User Profiles, Commenting

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Click “MY LBU” in the gray menu bar just underneath the big “Linebacker-U.com,” or just click here.

When you get to the login screen, click “Register” at the bottom left.

It really helps us and the LBU community if you enter in a little info about yourself. However, only an email address and username are absolutely required.

    Q. Is my login information shared?

    A. No. Your username is public to readers, but you have a surprising amount of control of what you can display on your user profile.

    Q. Do I have to sign up separately for the LBU Forums?

    A. No. Your main LBU login works for the forums.

    Q. What about commenting on posts/articles?

    A. Same as the forums. Your main LBU login allows you to comment on regular posts. However, your first comment will have to obtain approval by a staff member. After your first comment is approved, you will be free to comment without any moderation.

    II. Bugs, Errors, Problems

    Q. If I notice a problem on the site, or get an error while trying to do something, who should I contact and how?

    A. Easy, just visit our contact page to send us an email describing the problem.

    III. Misc.

    Q. What if I have a FAQ that’s not answered here?

    A. Send it to us.