Introducing: We Are! 2014 – A Penn State preview


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It’s that time of year… actually, it’s much earlier than that time of year, when you compare it to how late we started this process for We Are! 2013. So today I’m unveiling the …

James Franklin to be Penn State head coach


James Franklin will be Penn State’s next head football coach, the university formally announced today.

Reports began to swirl Tuesday afternoon on Twitter, with @footballscoop breaking the news. From there, Twitteristan, including parts of Twittervania, was consumed by a collective cardiac episode that threatened to knock off about 30% of the Penn State football fanbase. The confirmation …

Ron Vanderlinden, Charlie Fisher leave Penn State coaching staff

Ron Vanderlinden, left, and Charlie Fisher. Photos by Mike Pettigano

Though I’m not much of a blogger these days, Ron Vanderlinden took Penn State’s Linebacker U rep to new heights the last 12 seasons. A post on this site is fully warranted.

Ron Vanderlinden, left, and Charlie Fisher. Photos by Mike Pettigano

Rumors swirled into a full-on Twitter tempest today–later confirmed to be …

Photos: Penn State 43, Michigan 40 (4 OT)


2013-10-12 PSU vs UM, Brandon Felder scores the first touchdown of the game against Michigan; photo by Mike Pettigano

For a while, my prediction to Seth was spot-on: Michigan 34, Penn State 24. But in reality, it looked far worse. There was still tons of time left in the game. After …

Photos: Penn State 23, Syracuse 17


WR Allen Robinson cuts through traffic on his first reception of the game. Penn State beat Syracuse 23-17 at MetLIfe Stadium in E. Rutherford, NJ, Aug. 31, 2013.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ — Well, sort of.

At the time I shot these, I was at The Meadowlands of …

What's new at LBU in 2013

Linebacker U Poster PSU

Last time we left off here, it was about our (now fully funded!) e-Mag project for We Are! 2013. But there’s more, including what in the heck is going on with this very web site.