We Are! 2014 Penn State Preview Magazine is Ready for PS-You!


We Are… is ready!

After months of hard work, we have finished We Are! 2014 – a Penn State Preview Magazine and sent it to the presses. Yes, presses. You see, not only could you purchase a fully digital version (in PDF format), or a print version (free!) via our deal with Draft Kings, but now we are offering …

Recap via GIF: Penn St. 13, Rutgers 10

RIP TailGreat: 3 ways Penn State can fix its latest self-inflicted PR blunder

My initial reaction to TailGreat’s cancellation can be found on my Twitter feed. Since then, I’ve mostly moved on from the shock with a hint of rage… mostly. There was so much wrong with how Penn State handled this situation, if it were any other athletic department, I’d say it was shocking. You simply don’t hand …

We Are! 2014: Finishing touches

Sample from the team preview

This week we are wrapping up the final edits and layout for We Are! 2014, the finest Penn State football preview magazine available. We were able to hook ourselves up with a very fine sponsor, Draftstreet.com, which is now offering a free PRINT copy of We Are! 2014 to those who sign up for …


Thank you to all of our backers. Our We Are! 2014 Penn State preview magazine is headed to print, as we reached our funding goal on Kickstarter.

That doesn’t mean you can’t sill order a copy for yourself or your friends. The Kickstarter will remain open until Saturday, and after that, …

We Are! 2014: Closererer, but not there yet


Overnight, new backers of We Are! 2014 helped push the Kickstarter over $10,000. That would be all fine and good… if our goal were $10,000. But it’s not. So we have more work to do. That’s where all of you come in.

If you’re a backer: Fantastic! But you’re our best advertising …