February 26, 2010

Blue-White Countdown 2010: Special Teams

Updated 3/2/10

With less than two months before the 2010 Blue-White Game, what better way to get ramped up about Penn State spring football than to start counting down each week with a position-by-position breakdown? Over the next seven weeks, I'll walk through all the major positions, trying to give the most reasoned explanation of who we could see come out big, and why.

In today's edition, we'll look at the special teams.

February 25, 2010

Better Crotch-Grab: William Buford or Stanley Pringle?

Yeah, Penn State lost to 9th-ranked Ohio State last night. Big whoop, we all saw it coming. The real highlight of the night though was the Big Ten Network's TV cameras getting a shot of Buckeye guard William Buford telling the Nittany Nation student section SUCK IT, BITCHES- SCOREBOARD as he was sent to the bench after fouling out. Props go out to The 22,000+ for providing the video evidence shown above. Such behavior was prompted by the fact that PSU was down seven with 30 seconds left and the Nittany Nation was doing their typical "left, right, left...SIT DOWN!" chant as Buford was walking towards the bench to watch his team close out another win.

February 24, 2010

Animated Message Board Squabbling: Episode 3

Just in time for tonight's rematch between the Fighting DeChellises and Ohio State at the BJC (6:30 PM ET, BTN), it's the latest installment in a series of animated re-enactments of the flame wars going on via the Penn State basketball message boards. The boards had actually been rather tame for a while, but now that PSU is starting to win games again, things are back to normal. As usual, our good pals the talking cardboard robot of reason and the Peter Jennings-sounding, nerdy-looking, cynical guy are here to break it all down for you.

February 23, 2010

Tuesday Recruitin': Three more offers

The offers are flowing out of Penn State these last few weeks. Surprising, mostly because the Nittany Lions expect to pull in a relatively small class in 2011, possibly as few as 12. That's a bit dramatic, as we all know the kind of attrition that goes on with major college programs. But with 20 offers out already, including those we'll talk about today, Penn State doesn't seem to be taking any chances. There are some big targets already for 2011. Let's see a few more.

February 22, 2010

Wrestling Wreport: Penn State ends season in disappointment

With a chance to end the season on a high note and possibly pull off a mild upset, Penn State traveled to No. 5 Minnesota Friday night and left with a disappointing 26-16 dual loss.

February 20, 2010

Penn State: Beating Michigan (twice) And Cancer in one weekend = EPIC WIN

Penn State won at Michigan for the first time since Calvin Booth put on his robe and wizard hat and stymied the entire Michigan team.
Updated 11 p.m.

No Michigan, you own NOTHING!
What this? A win streak for the Fighting DeChellises (10-16, 2-12 Big Ten)? It seems like the team has finally depleted their stock of painfully close losses and have traded them in for just-as-painful but-spiked-with-pleasure victories. I'm talking of course, about the fact that Penn State went scoreless for nearly the final 7:30 of the game while Michigan slowly clanked away at a 53-44 PSU lead before Jeff Brooks of all players, stepped up with a clutch 10-foot shot from the baseline to seal the 55-51 victory and PSU's first win at Michigan since 1999, when guys like Calvin Booth (pictured>>>) were suiting up.

February 19, 2010

Wrestling Wreport: Penn State closes out the dual meet season

The Penn State wrestling team will wrap up the dual meet season when they travel to take on the Minnesota Golden Gophers tonight at 8 p.m. The Gophers come in ranked No. 5 with an 11-5 record (6-1 in the Big Ten). Each team has 7 ranked wrestlers so there will be a lot on the line as wrestlers jockey for seeding in the Big Ten Championships in two weeks.

<Key Matchups>

February 18, 2010

Thursday Question: Big Ten realignment

It feels like every day there's a new favorite to join the Big Ten. We've heard the pundits roll out their own Big Ten solutions, from a 16-team superconference, to a simple 12-team adjustment. Of course, what else would we cover in this week's Thursday/Almost-Friday Question?

Up this week...
What should the Big Ten look like after expansion?


Since this is a totally hypothetical situation and I’m in total control here I’m going to add Texas into the Big Ten since they are already talking about it (yeah, yeah I know it’s not going to happen but play along anyway, mmmkay?). Here’s how I would stack the two divisions:

Div I: Ohio State, Penn State, Texas, Purdue, Minnesota, Illinois

Div II: Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Michigan State, Indiana


Are things looking bleak for your basketball program? Does your team lack any post presence whatsoever? Do your team's offensive sets involve playing Ring Around The Perimeter for 30 seconds before hoisting up a contested three-pointer? Is your coach being blamed for everything, including your seasonal cold? Fear not, 'cause Northwestern is here to cure whatever ails your team. Well, at least they sure as hell cured an ailing PSU team's winless streak in Big Ten play to the tune of an 81-70 final score in favor of the good guys.

February 17, 2010

Northwestern Preview: Because Winning 6 of the Last 7 Meetings Has To Mean Something, Right?

So, the Fighting DeChellises pay a visit to Northwestern tonight (8:30 PM ET, BTN) where they face a Wildcat team squarely on the bubble right now, and desperately needing a couple more quality wins while trying to avoid another bad loss like they suffered at Iowa last weekend. As if trying to avoid going winless in Big Ten play isn't enough motivation already for Penn State's players, the chance to prevent the NCAA tournament virgins from finally reaching the promised land should offer yet another incentive to avoid completely throwing in the towel on the season.

February 16, 2010

Tuesday Recruitin': More 2011 Offers (updated)

Updated 5 p.m.
Savon Huggins

In last week's offers update, we touched on some of the early scholarship offers Penn State has made to several highly-regarded high school prospects. In today's update*, we'll go over even more offers put out there the last few weeks. By next week's update, I expect to have a full offers board posted, which we'll update as the offers are handed out.

February 15, 2010

Wrestling Wreport: good things come in 4’s

Over 4,000 fans watched as the Penn State Nittany Lions downed Michigan State 26-12 Friday night. It was PSU's 4th dual win in a row. Cyler Sanderson had his 4th pin in a row as all 4 seniors went out with a win.

Michigan State Post-Mortem: "Come On, Abuse Me More, I Like It."

Much like how BSD has been using different variations of 'Suicide Is Painless' (aka the MASH theme song) I figure at this point, it's only appropriate to do the same thing for Silverchair's hit single 'Abuse Me' because let's be honest: The only reason we're still Penn State basketball fans is because we enjoy the abuse in some sick and twisted sort of way.

February 13, 2010

Michigan State Preview: ESPN Likes Torture.

After a merciful week-long hiatus, the Fighting DeChellises will attempt to take advantage of a Michigan State team (and re-create that lovely photo to your right of a frosh and froed version of Talor Battle being mobbed after PSU beat Sparty) in the midst of a three-game losing skid, due in large part probably to their superstar point guard Kalin Lucas having a busted ankle.

Unfortunately for us, Lucas is near 100% healthy again which means we're royally screwed unless Lucas has a cold day shooting from the floor and Sparty's superior post players aren't able to get their share of touches inside. If those two aforementioned improbabilities both occur, then perhaps there's a sliver of irrational hope - which as The 22,000+ points out, is what makes us PSU hoops fans.

Tipoff is at Noon ET on ESPN...Seriously? WTF? ESPN might as well play two hours worth of bondage videos, those would probably be less disturbing than what might potentially unfold at the BJC.

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February 12, 2010

Wrestling Wreport: PSU welcomes Sparty

No. 10 Penn State will host Michigan State tonight at 7PM in Rec Hall. This will be the last home dual for PSU and will serve as Senior Night as four Nittany Lions will be wrestling their final dual in front of the home crowd. Adam Lynch, Cyler Sanderson, Dan Vallimont, and David Erwin will all wear the blue and white singlet for the last time. Michigan State is coming off a win over Purdue but they only have two ranked wrestlers and one will match up against Frank the Tank. We saw what happened last weekend with two similar teams so yeah…. it's not going to be pretty.


Last year Penn State won 7 of the 10 bouts to beat Michigan State 28-12 in East Lansing. Penn State has won the last three meetings with Michigan State's last victory coming in 2005. The only rematch from last year's dual could come at 197 if Stedman wrestles, last year Clay beat Michigan State's Tyler Dickenson 4-1.

Key Matchups

149: #4 Frank Molinaro (25-3) vs. #12 David Cheza (20-8) MSU

Last season Frank was down a weight at 141 and Cheza wrestled Bubba Jenkins. Things didn't work out to well for Cheza, Jenkins won by Tech fall 21-6. It's a different year though and Cheza is ranked and it should be a good test for Molinaro. With the Big Ten's looming on the horizon seating will be very important so Frank needs to beat Cheza, this weight class is very loaded in the Big Ten.

141: Adam Lynch (10-9) vs. Dan Osterman (18-10) MSU

While this won't be a huge match in terms of the dual's outcome it's a big match for Lynch. Adam is riding a four match win streak and needs to keep the momentum going. Osterman has a decent record so a win over a capable opponent will be a nice boost for Lynch heading into the final dual.

Wt: PSU vs. MSU
125: #13 Brad Pataky (22-6) vs. Brenan Lyon (3-13)

Pataky likes a fast start and we should see one here. Lyon is seriously outmatched and will be trying to just give up a regular decision. I expect Pataky to get a quick takedown and then look for back points. Anything less than a major decision will be a disappointment.

-Major advantage Pataky

133: Bryan Pearsall (3-19) vs. #4 Franklin Gomez (17-1)

As ugly as the Pataky match could get, this one could get even uglier. The beat goes on for Pearsall he needs to wrestle hard, stay off his back and try to only give up a regular decision.

-Major advantage Gomez

157 #7 Cyler Sanderson (24-3) vs. Anthony Jones (8-13)

It’s getting exceedingly difficult to find a pic of Sanderson where he’s not defying gravity.

Sanderson comes into this match winning his last three by pin. The way he's wrestling now I wouldn't expect any less in this match. Jones is greatly outmatched and this should be bonus points for Penn State.

-Major advantage Sanderson

165: #7 Dan Vallimont (21-6) vs. Kyle Bounds (25-12)

Bounds is no slouch and should give Vallimont a quality opponent. Dan is in a bit of a funk lately losing 3 of the last 5 and barely squeaking by an unranked Aaron Hynes of Michigan 8-7 last week. Vallimont has to get his offense going if he's going to get win No. 100

-Advantage Vallimont

174: Justin Ortega (6-16) vs. Ian Hinton (14-13)

It's hard to believe that Ortega was the wrestler that beat David Erwin at the beginning of the season before Erwin moved to 184. Justin has been wrestling very poorly lately, he seems almost lifeless at times. He has a real shot at Hinton if he can get things going but I think it's a mental thing more than anything with Ortega and I don't expect that to change any time soon.

-Advantage Hinton

184: #10 David Erwin (24-6) vs. Curran Jacobs (11-7) OR Nick Palmieri (13-10)

David is wrestling very well right now winning 5 straight and 7 of his last 8 matches with wins over 3 ranked wrestlers. I don't think it matters who Michigan State trots out expect at least a major from Erwin.

-Major advantage Erwin

197: Clay Steadman (8-10) or David Crowell (17-12) vs. Tyler Dickenson (15-14)

I wouldn't be surprised to see Crowell tonight, he always gets the nod against ranked wrestlers and he's held up well. I would expect Sanderson to reward him by letting him go against a beatable opponent in Dickenson. Although I'd like to see Crowell I think either wrestler can win.


285: #11 Cameron Wade (17-6) vs. Alan O'Donnell (10-10)

Like Erwin, Wade has wrestled really well recently. Cameron has won 6 of the last 7 with the last two coming by fall. Wade is finally starting to accept Sanderson's aggressive, offense-first mentality and has started to take it to guys like O'Donnell. I wouldn't be surprised if Wade continues his pin streak.

-Major advantage Wade


This is a no-brainer, Michigan State doesn't stack up well against Penn State and will need a lot of help if they are going to pull the upset. With a trip to Minnesota on the horizon, the Nittany Lions need to work on offense and take care of business. This shouldn't be close.

Final Score: PSU 26 – MSU 9

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Joe Crispin Is Still "La Awesome."

Props to Eric (aka Battle Does It Again) for discovering this hidden YouTube gem of Joe Crispin lighting up opponents these days as a member of the Italian club team Enel Brindisi. As an added touch, the video clip's soundtrack features music you would hear at your typical European disco* except at one-sixteenth the decibel level. If you're really yearning for the total Euro experience though, just press your hands against your head..really hard while watching this clip.

* Or Indigo Club in State College

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February 11, 2010

10 Minutes Or Less: 1999 Penn State at Purdue

UPDATE: LaVar Arrington has offered his ringing endorsement of this post via Twitter, as evidenced Here and Here. I will now go to my grave a happy man.

Latest Expansion Rumor: Texas to the Big Ten

Texas--yes, that Texas--is talking with the Big Ten about the possibility that the Longhorns could be added as the conference's 12th team, come 2011. At least, that's what Tom Keegan, sports writer for The Lawrence Journal-World, reported today.
A source with ties to the Big Ten said that while most people’s attention has been trained on the conference stealing Missouri, the Big Ten has engaged in “preliminary exchanges” with a much bigger fish from the Big 12... “There have been preliminary exchanges between the Big Ten and Texas,” the source told the Journal-World on Wednesday. “People will deny that, but it’s accurate.”
So, what? Most of the pundits are out there right now calling this possibility a no-brainer move for Texas and the Big Ten. But I'm not quite so enthused. Call me a traditionalist to the point of being flawed, but I just don't like the idea of the Eight Contiguous Northern States, plus Texas, Conference. Even worse, doesn't this kind of thing just ooze NFL? I mean, seriously, would this not be just as money-grubbing as the NFC East, with the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, and Dallas Cowboys?

I shouldn't get all worked up, though. "Preliminary exchanges" is another way of saying that the Big Ten and Texas are aware that each other exist. I'm sure the Big Ten has contacted at least a half-dozen schools by now, but only the higher profile programs are eager to leak the goodies. Remember that whole Pitt thing a few weeks ago? Yeah, that worked out real well.

This is not to say at all that Texas hasn't been contacted by the Big Ten, or that the Longhorns aren't interested in hearing what the Big Ten has to offer (which isn't really that much). Notre Dame was one or two meetings away from coming on board in 1999, but whatever agreement the two parties had going fell apart, seemingly one minute before zero hour.

The addition of just one team like Texas--superpower, huge revenue base, recruiting Mecca--seems highly unlikely for the Big Ten. If this report came with additional rumors of the Big Ten looking to poach Texas, and two more teams from major conferences like the Big XII, then I'd say hold on to your hats, folks. For now, though, let this one simmer on the back burner for at least a little while longer, before we all go freaking out that the Big Ten will round up one of the biggest juggernauts in college football.

Would you like to see Texas in the Big Ten?


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Thursday Question: Paterno v. Bowden, the Finale

Earlier this week, the NCAA officially, and finally, took away 12 of Bobby Bowden's wins. With the coaching legend's retirement this past season, that leaves little doubt as to which college head coach will go down as the solitary leader in major college career wins: Joe Paterno.

But having the career wins record doesn't necessarily make Paterno the best coach of all time, does it? Well, that's why we asked this week's Thursday Question...

Joe Paterno: Great Coach? Or Greatest Coach?


Let me start off by saying I consider more than wins and losses when I’m deciding how good a coach is, and if you had an 18-year old star football player about to make his college choice I think you would as well. When it’s all said and done, Joe Paterno will be remembered for his wins and losses for sure, but he’ll be remembered more for the impact he’s had on so many lives of young men. When Paterno hangs it up they’ll be more fluff pieces written by the same hacks that said he should be fired a few years ago than we’ll be able to handle but I’ve been there all along. I’ve always loved JoePa not only because he was a great coach but because he was a great mentor for a lot of kids. All his All-Americans are great but the multitude of Academic All-Americans is testament to the Paterno way. When Paterno came to Happy Valley the school was nothing more than an agg college, he helped put it on the map. His football program pays for the rest of the athletic department. There’s a library that bears his name. Yeah, he’s had a bit of an impact at Penn State. In my mind there was never a better coach and there never will be a better one, the wins record is just a part of it.


Had this all happened five years ago, I would have said that Bear Bryant was still the greatest major college coach of all time. However, the fact that Joe Paterno has managed to bring his program back from the brink of collapse--particularly during such a different era in college football compared to when the Bear was coaching--to win not only 50 games in five seasons, but to come within two seconds of two national title games, take home four major bowl wins in five seasons, and field record-breaking Penn State teams, that all seals the deal for Paterno's legacy and legend. It's been more than eight years since JoePa has passed The Bear on the all-time wins list. But I'm not sure that record would have meant half as much if Paterno was forced to leave in 2004, in a similar fashion to Bowden's exit last season. Bowden won two national titles--same as Paterno--but wasn't able to have really consistent, high-level success until the late-1980s. But I would have to say that even though I never considered Bowden's Samford wins part of the discussion, it is a shame that it had to end the way it did. As a sports fan, I always love a dramatic ending, and this was far from that.


There's no doubting JoePa being a great coach when you look at his full body of work. Seriously, name me another Division 1 head coach who has produced even half of JoePa's win total and done so without getting their program on probation for recruiting violations or in some sort of major academic/legal hot water, all the while graduating players at a ridiculously high clip. Now, if you want to get into the 'greatest coach' label: That's tricky because it depends on the criteria you're using to base it upon. Are you looking at just win totals? What about winning percentage? Or what about the ability to beat the best teams in your league on a regular basis? We all know how much Joe has struggled against Jim Tressel's Buckeyes, Lloyd Carr's Michigan teams, and Kirk Ferentz's Iowa squads, surely those have to count as a few blows to his 'greatest coach' labeling if you're taking them into consideration. And what about guys like Eddie Robinson and John Gagliardi? Yes, they're not Division 1 coaches but both have more wins than JoePa and both are statuesque legends at their respective schools as well. Shouldn't they also be considered for the 'greatest coach' label?

(Nick had to sit this play out, but should be ready to crack some heads on the next series)

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February 10, 2010

Confessions Of A Penn State Basketball Fan: The 22,000+

I'm sorry, did you expect me to recap the Minnesota game from last Saturday? Well, so sorry to disappoint, except:
  • I didn't watch the game, due to work obligations
  • Because I didn't watch the game, it's difficult for me to give a solid take on what happened outside of Lawrence Westbrook's superb LeBron James impersonation at the end of the game.
  • I've given up on any serial analysis of what has become a season to forget (outside of November).
Given that the Fighting DeChellises are on hiatus until Saturday however, I have been desperately scrambling for some blogging material, and what better way to fill that void than to grieve with another one of the 50 self-proclaimed PSU basketball fans? Thus, I decided to do a little blogger questionnaire exchange with Ben Jones, a longtime Happy Valley resident, current PSU student, active member of the Paternoville and Nittany Nation committees, and most importantly, author of the blog The 22,000+. You can find my answers to Ben's questions here. In the meantime, here are Ben's waterboarding-free confessions:

LBU: So, you're a Penn State basketball fan: What the hell is the matter with you? Were you not loved enough as a child? How far back does your fandom go (i.e. your earliest memories)?

22k: Well, I've lived in Happy Valley for most of my life so I've been brought up on a solid diet of all things Penn State. My first real memory of Penn State basketball was probably Penn State at Kentucky in 2000. Seeing the Crispin brothers just go off was a lot of fun. Seeing them lose later on in the Sweet 16 was pretty heartbreaking, I only wish I had known that I wouldn't see that sort of thing again..at least, not yet.

As far as my current allegiances, I can't help it, I love Penn State, and I know how much the program can use support. For the record: Both my parents hugged me a lot as a child, so my delusions aren't their fault.

LBU: In a season full of vast disappointments, what do you feel as been the most disappointing development (0-11 in the Big Ten aside)?

22k: I would say the general lack of inside play. It has been sort of like the offensive line for football this year. Good, but not great enough to get the job done against everybody. I think we were all pretty excited when Andrew Jones played so well in the NIT, but he never really got it going again this year. If they could get some sort of inside game going that would take a lot of the pressure off of having to hit every jumper. It has however, forced players like David Jackson and Jeff Brooks to play better which is a blessing in disguise, I suppose.

LBU: I admittedly, have not been able to watch the team as much as in years past and have only been to a few home games. From my observations though, it appears that the loyally sadistic Nittany Nation student section attendance has been holding rock-steady all year long. How do you explain such commitment?

22k: I think it is the fact that the team doesn't give up. If we were getting blown out every game you might see something different, but for the most part the team is in the game with under 10 minutes left. Seven games have been decided by six points or less, so you know you're in for a good game for the most part. Plenty of old Penn State teams would get blown out all the time, this team might not be winning, but they aren't getting crushed which makes going to the game a little less painful.

At this point you just want to be there when we win one. Ed does a good job preaching the family aspect of the program to the team, I think that has rubbed off on us a little bit, you can blow off your NFL team but it isn't as easy to do that to the guys you sit in line for an hour for..they'll know if you aren't there.

LBU: You're on the record as suggesting Ed DeChellis should get another year as coach. Let's pretend for a moment though, that PSU is on the coaching carousel after this season: Who does the first phone call go out to?

22k: I know I tend to be in the minority with that opinion, and for the record I'm not a massive Kool-Aid drinker, I just think that next year will truly be the test of what he can do with maybe the most talented group on paper he has ever had. After an NIT championship and some real positive momentum in the recruiting field I think Penn State owes him a chance to coach the team he will have built. Not a lot of people know how many big time recruits were in town for basketball Ohio State weekend because of Ed, he really should get more credit for that than he does.

If you look back to two seasons ago, the team didn't win a lot, but they bonded and became mentally tough by learning how to play without Geary Claxton. This arguably led to a 27 win season the following year. I feel that you're seeing a similar situation this season, perhaps it will lead to a NCAA berth next year? I can't say, but I do want to see what Ed can do with one more year.

Back to the question though: If the team tanks again next year (and I think a season under .500 could be considered tanking, barring some serious injury), the first person I would call would be Brad Stevens from Butler. Stevens is young, and has coached Butler to a 77-14 record in his three years. Playing in the Big Ten would be a good change for him, and a young guy could really be what the program needs. If you're looking for a Big Ten guy, I would go with Michigan State assistant Mike Montgomery. MSU has a good history with assistant coaches, Tom Crean being just one example. Getting a guy from a winning program and a good knowledge base for Big Ten ball could be a big help.

LBU: Talor Battle, Joe Crispin, or Pete Lisicky?

22k: I'm gonna have to say Battle. I'm a big fan of Crispin's shooting, but Penn State really hasn't seen a guy like Talor, he makes things happen in ways a lot of the players in the country can't. I think Battle could have a good shot at Player of the Year if he was on a Duke or Texas-caliber team, he might not be a automatic shooter, but some of his struggles this year have come from inconsistency around him, I imagine that you give him four other good players and he could really go to town. Lisicky and Crispin both make it a tough call though.

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Wednesday Recruitin': Early 2011 Offers

What, you thought recruiting was over just because Signing Day is over? With spring practice weeks away, and the basketball team quickly flushing itself down the drain, getting ready for the 2011 recruiting season is one of the few things that won't give Penn State fans a headache. In today's Wednesday Recruitin' we'll take a broad look into who's on Penn State's offers board in 2011.


Penn State has set its sights on a bunch of prospects currently rated very highly at their respective positions. We will run down a few who currently hold scholarship offers.

Lawrence Thomas out of Detroit's Renaissance High School. He is already rated the No. 1 overall linebacker by Scout.com--the other two services haven't ranked individual players by position yet--and has been included in the Rivals250 and ESPNU 150 watch lists.

In the early going, most of the recruiting services have Michigan State as the front runner for Thomas. But we all know how quickly, and often, things change with high school kids. The good news for Penn State is that Thomas has the Nittany Lions on his list of top schools, and currently holds a scholarship offer. His recruitment is being handled by Ron Vanderlinden, who has been a real thorn in the side of both MSU and Michigan the past few years.

Other than the Spartans and Nittany Lions, Thomas has shown interest in, and currently holds offers from, Alabama, Florida, Miami(FL), Michigan, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Syracuse, UCLA, Wisconsin, Colorado, Indiana, and Vanderbilt.

Ben Koyack - A Rivals250 and ESPNU 150 watch lists selection, Koyack is pushing for the top tight end spot in the 2011 recruiting class. The Keystone State product from Oil City High School was listed as the No. 2 tight end nationally by Scout.com.

Over the last two seasons, Koyack has caught 88 passes for nearly 1600 yards and 15 touchdowns.

Penn State is just one of nearly a dozen schools to have already extended a scholarship offer to Koyack. Other programs with offers on the table are Pittsburgh, West Virginia, California, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, North Carolina, Duke, South Carolina, Rutgers and Notre Dame.

Travis Hughes - The second linebacker on Penn State's current offers list, Hughes is a speedster on the defensive side of the ball, as most of his 40 times have hovered around 4.55. Hughes has been named to the Rivals250 and ESPNU 150 watch lists, and is currently the No. 3 inside linebacker according to Scout.com.

Out of Virginia Beach's Kempsville High School, Hughes falls well within Penn State's recruiting comfort zone in southeast Virginia. Former quarterback Michael Robinson, current quarterback Kevin Newsome and defensive lineman Chimaeze Okoli, and incoming freshman Evan Hailes are all products of the Tidewater region. Bill Kenney is in charge of Hughes' recruitment.

Of the increasing number of scholarship offers so far, East Carolina, Maryland, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia have all sent letters to Hughes. Oregon is reportedly also in the mix, but have not extended the official scholarship offer.

Terrell Chestnut - It's a bit surprising that Chestnut is so far the only defensive back prospect to hold a scholarship offer from Penn State. With a log-jam of junior Penn State defensive backs ready to be seniors in 2011, you would think this position would be priority number-one for the Nittany Lions in this recruiting class. But Chestnut is definitely a start. The Pottstown native has been named to the Rivals250 and ESPNU 150 watch lists, and is currently the No. 4 cornerback according to Scout.com

Over the last two seasons, Chestnut has thrown for about 1,500 yards and 13 touchdowns, run for 2,150 yards and 39 touchdowns, while on defense he's collected 180 tackles, six interceptions, three fumble recoveries. To top it off, Chestnut is a star special teamer, returning a punt and a kickoff for touchdowns his sophomore season.

Aside from the Nittany Lions, Chestnut holds offers from Connecticut, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Villanova, and West Virginia. Other teams that are in the mix, but have not offered yet, are Buffalo, Syracuse, South Carolina, Purdue, Northwestern, Duke, and Temple.

One interesting nugget, Chestnut said during a visit to Rutgers last year that he was not sure if he was ready to get away for college.

Michael Caputo - You would be hard pressed to find two recruiting services that could agree on which position Caputo will star in college. From West Allegheny High School in Imperial, Caputo is the No. 9 outside linebacker according to Scout.com. Rivals has him as a safety prospect. ESPN likes Caputo as a running back.

As a junior, Caputo recorded 104 tackles, but also ran for 2,500 yards, scoring 38--THIRTY EIGHT--touchdowns along the way. Penn State loves linebackers that are excellent running backs. He currently has offers from Ohio State, Pittsburgh, and Purdue, besides from Penn State. Boston College, Syracuse, West Virginia, and Wisconsin are also gaining Caputo's interest.

Maika Polamalu - Maika is more than familiar with what it means to play top-level football. Maika is the cousin of All-Pro Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, while his father, Al, was a Nittany Lion in the 1980s. But Maika is making quite a name for himself as a standout teammate of Terrell Chestnut at Pottsgrove High School.

Polamalu was named third-team All-State by Pennsylvania Football News in 2009. From the backfield, Polamalu ran for 2,800 yards, 28 touchdowns the last two seasons. But it was along the defensive front where Polamalu is gaining attention. The linebacker/end hybrid raked in 50 tackles and five sacks. Scout.com has Polamalu as an unranked running back prospect. Rivals lists Polamalu on its Rivals250 watch list, while he is an ESPNU 150 watch list athlete.

Right now, Polamalu only holds two scholarship offers, from Penn State and Villanova. However, Clemson, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse, UCLA, and West Virginia are all on the radar.

Jay Whitmire - The lone offensive lineman in Penn State's early offers crop, Whitmire is gaining steam as a prospect. A tall, but athletic hog, the 6-6, 287-pound T.C. Williams junior fits the mold Penn State sets for its offensive linemen.

One of the top overall recruits out of Virginia for 2011, Whitmire has been named to the Rivals250 and ESPNU 150 watch lists, but is unranked by Scout.com.

Whitmire holds scholarship offers from Maryland, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Rutgers and Virginia. Home-state power Virginia Tech is also expected to make an offer soon.

Coming up: In next week's edition of Wednesday Recruitin', we will look at prospects that are expected to get scholarship offers from Penn State.

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February 8, 2010

Wrestling Wreport: UM & NU Roundup

Penn State completed the sweep this weekend destroying Northwestern 37-10 on Friday, and followed that up with a 29-10 victory over outmatched Michigan Sunday afternoon. The Nittany Lions won 14 of the possible 20 bouts including 5 pins and a tech fall. Penn State won 7 bouts in each of the duals and now sits at 12-5-1 on the year and 4-2 in the Big Ten.

#11 Penn State 37, Northwestern 10
125: #13 Brad Pataky PSU tech. fall Levi Mele NU, 15-0 (TF; 3:14)
133: Eric Metzler NU dec. Bryan Pearsall PSU, 8-4
141: Adam Lynch PSU win by forfeit
149: #4 Frank Molinaro PSU maj. dec. #13 Andrew Nadhir NU, 9-0
157: #7 Cyler Sanderson PSU pinned Kevin Bialka NU, WBF (1:51)
165: #7 Dan Vallimont PSU maj. dec. Robert Kellogg NU, 21-9
174: Brian Roddy NU dec. Justin Ortega PSU, 5-4
184: #11 David Erwin PSU pinned Aaron Jones NU, WBF (2:27)
197: John Schoen NU maj. dec. Clay Steadman PSU, 13-4
285: #11 Cameron Wade PSU pinned Marcus Shrewsbury NU, WBF (1:29)

3,841 fans braved an oncoming blizzard to watch the Nittany Lions destroy Northwestern. Cyler Sanderson, David Erwin, and Cameron Wade all got pins and Brad Pataky needed only 3 minutes and change to record a tech fall. Northwestern's only ranked wrestler, #13 Andrew Nadhir, was manhandled by Frank "the tank" Molinaro 9-0. Even Justin Ortega had a third period 1-point lead erased when he gave up a takedown with only 5 seconds left. The only disappointment came when Northwestern's Bobby Joyce who was 1-12 on the year did not weigh in and had to forfeit to Adam Lynch at 141. It would have been nice for Lynch to get the work but PSU will take the points.

#11 Penn State 29, Michigan 10
125: #13 Brad Pataky PSU maj. dec. Sean Boyle UM, 13-0
133: Zac Stevens UM dec. Bryan Pearsall PSU, 13-9
141: Adam Lynch PSU dec. Marc Weber UM, 9-5
149: #4 Frank Molinaro PSU maj. dec. Mark Boyer UM, 25-11
157: #7 Cyler Sanderson PSU pinned Dave Johnson UM, WBF (2:46)
165: #7 Dan Vallimont PSU dec. Aaron Hynes UM, 8-7
174: Justin Zeerip UM dec. Justin Ortega PSU, 7-2
184: #11 David Erwin PSU dec. Hunter Collins UM, 12-9
197: #9 Anthony Biondo UM maj. dec. David Crowell PSU, 15-5
285: #11 Cameron Wade PSU pinned Ben Apland UM, WBF (4:16)

In a match that mirrored Friday's dual, Penn State won every weight except 133, 174, and 197. Just like Friday both Cyler Sanderson and Cameron Wade got pins.

Frank Molinaro was just shy of a tech fall winning 25-11 and Brad Pataky finished up a strong weekend with a dominating 13-0 major decision over Sean Boyle of Michigan. Adam Lynch continues to wrestle well just missing out on a major decision when he gave up a third-period takedown. Dan Vallimont seems to be in a bit of a funk lately and did not wrestle well against Aaron Hynes needing a third-period takedown to squeak by 8-7.

Penn State will take on Michigan State Friday Feb. 12th at 7:00 PM at Rec Hall before going on the road to Minnesota Feb19th. With just those two duals left it's tune up time for the Big Ten Championships at the beginning of March and if this weekend is any indication the team is peaking at the right time.

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Penn State, not Big East team, earns Lambert Trophy

I wonder how the Big East is feeling these days. That's a pretty much rhetorical question, because we all know what kind of mood that conference is and has been in lately: pretty sour. What more, today's news could make a bad day worse for the Big East...
Penn State has earned an unprecedented 28th Lambert Meadowlands Trophy presented by the ECAC, symbolic of Eastern football supremacy. The Nittany Lions also have been selected ECAC Team of the Year for a record 13th time.
Penn State has been awarded the Lambert Trophy three times in the last five years, the other two going to Louisville in 2006 and West Virginia in 2007. Since beginning football play the Big Ten--over joining the Big East--in 1993, the Nittany Lions have taken home the Lambert Trophy seven times, more than any other school. Only Miami has more than two in that time, earning four from 2000 through 2003.

Unless some Big East team comes storming onto the national landscape next season, Penn State could be on its way to earning yet another honor for being the official "Beast of the East." What would that say about the Big East's future as a conference? Basketball and other non-football sports are doing just fine. But does that conference have a future on the gridiron? I guess it all depends on what the Big Ten decides come next year, when a 12th team is formally invited into the conference. Should that team be a current Big East football member, the prospects aren't looking so bright.

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February 7, 2010

Before Drew Brees Pwned NFL Defenses, LaVar Arrington Pwned Drew Brees

Purdue, 1999. I apologize for the crappy sped-up video quality. This was the only thing I could find around the internets. Now please, Drew, go win one for the city of New Orleans and for folks such as myself who could then brag about how their alma mater went 3-0 against Drew Brees.

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February 6, 2010

Minnesota, Round 2: Bringing back the Rec Hall Magic

Penn State's basketball season is dead to me at this point but for tradition's sake, I figure I should to write something regarding today's home game against Minnesota (2 PM ET, BTN). Today is "Throwback Day" in which 30 former players will be returning to the BJC to be honored at halftime. Additionally, the players will be wearing jerseys from the late 70's, probably to re-kindle some of that old Rec Hall magic from the John Bach/Dick Harter* era. At the conclusion of the game, 16 lucky fans will win one of the sweaty retro uniforms**, provided they pay $2 up front to enter and help out Coaches vs Cancer.

While I have no complaints about this gimmick, I feel the athletic department isn't going far enough with this. If they REALLY want to have a "Throwback Day" don't just change the uniforms, change the venue and the coach. That's right, I'm talking about Bruce Parkhill roaming the Rec Hall sidelines, the student section literally right behind him, and the rest of the tiny crackerbox gym filled to capacity, just like the good old days...

Oh, and being that Pete Lisicky will be in attendance today: Here's a little video entertainment for the masses.

* Yes, that was actually the latter coach's name

** Preferably, Talor Battle's.

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February 5, 2010

Wrestling Wreport: PSU welcomes two Big Ten foes

After taking on four teams ranked in the top 25 in a row, Penn State gets a little break taking on Northwestern and Michigan, both unranked. In fact each team has only one ranked wrestler a piece. These are the types of duals that PSU should be winning big.


Amazingly Penn State split duals against Michigan last season beating the Wolverines 21-18 in the National Duals and losing 31-6 in Ann Arbor. It's been two years since a then #8 ranked Penn State snuck by a #10 ranked Northwestern.

Key Matchups

With only two ranked wrestlers between the two schools there really aren't that many key matchups, but there is one that will be interesting.

149: #4 Frank Molinaro vs. #13 Andrew Nadhir

Two seasons ago Nadhir was up a weight at 157, probably because All-American Ryan Lang was firmly entrenched at 149. Nadhir will be a test for Molinaro but nothing like last weekend were Frank took on the 1st and 2nd ranked wrestlers. While it should be a good match I would expect Frank to control things and win comfortably.

Other Matchups

125: #13 Brad Pataky (20-6) vs. Levi Mele (8-6) (NU) and Sean Boyle (19-14) (Mich)

Both of these matches should not only be wins for Pataky but they should be of the major variety. We'll probably see Pataky's patented cement mixer he tries just about every match. If he hits it he'll probably get the pin.

133: Bryan Pearsall (3-17) vs. Eric Metzler (9-7) (NU) and Zac Stevens (18-12) (Mich)

Metzler is a senior so he's been around the block a few times so I don't see Pearsall pulling one out there. Stevens, however is a sophomore hovering around the .500 mark. If Pearsall is going to improve and pull out a Big Ten dual win Stevens will probably be his best shot. Having said that, it's hard for me to pick a guy that has only 3 wins.

141: Adam Lynch (8-9) vs. Bobby Joyce (1-12)(NU) and Marc Weber (13-20) (Mich)

After Lynch's phenomenal weekend last week that saw him beat two ranked wrestlers it's hard to go against him. I think we'll see the continued steady improvement that we've seen from Adam this weekend. I think bonus points are very real possibility against Joyce. Hard to believe I'm writing that after the atrocious start Lynch had this season.

#4 Frank Molinaro (23-3) vs. Mark Boyer (3-10) (Mich)

This is simply a mismatch that goes in Penn State's favor. This will be nothing more than a workout for Molinaro after the wrestlers he's had to deal with lately. Molinaro wins big in this one.

157: #7 Cyler Sanderson (22-3) vs. Kevin Bialka (9-11) (NU) and Dave Johnson (16-14) (Mich)

Sanderson has been inconsistent lately and this weekend will be just what the doctor ordered. There's no way Cyler loses to a near .500 wrestler. It will be an opportunity for Sanderson to work out any kinks in his technique especially the problems he has getting out from bottom.

165: #7 Dan Vallimont (19-6) vs. Robert Kellogg (8-12) (NU) and Aaron Hynes (14-12) (Mich)

Vallimont is another wrestler trying to get back on the winning track after dropping both of his matches last weekend, albeit both to top-5 wrestlers. Just like Sanderson, Vallimont get's an easy draw and should control both matches. Look for Dan to work for bonus points.

174: Justin Ortega (6-14) vs. Brian Roddy (7-5) (NU) and Justin Zeerip (22-15) (Mich)

Ortega hasn't been wrestling well as of late and of all the guys to get a decent wrestler this weekend it had to be Justin. Ortega could notch a 'W' against Roddy but Zeerip will be a different story. It'll be a good thing for the Nittany Lions if Ortega goes 1-1.

#11 David Erwin (22-6) vs. Aaron Jones (8-12) (NU) and Hunter Collins (15-10(Mich)

Erwin had a great road trip last weekend going 2-0 against two ranked wrestlers. This should be a cakewalk for him.

197: Clay Steadman (8-9) or David Crowell (17-11) vs. John Schoen (11-9) (NU) and #9 Anthony Biondo (26-3) (Mich)

The dreaded "or" weight doesn't get any easier for Penn State. The coaches still haven't settled on who will get the starting nod so expect to see both this weekend. It really doesn't matter who gets thrown out against Biondo it's going to be high scoring loss.

285 #11 Cameron Wade (15-6) vs. 285 Marcus Shrewsbury (4-9) (NU) and Eddie Phillips (7-6) (Mich)

On paper this weekend looks like an easy 2-0 for Wade but he was beaten by Phillips in the dual meet last year. Wade will probably roll Shrewsbury but I expect another close win with not much offense against Phillips.


Let's not mince words here, this is going to be two lopsided wins for Penn State. Looking up and down these lineups I just don't see too many opportunities for either team against the Nittany Lions. This will be a good weekend for a lot of the PSU grapplers to work on their offense and go for bonus points.

Northwestern Final: 27-10 PSU
Michigan Final: 22-12 PSU

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2010 PSU Eligibility Breakdown

Updated 2/5/10

Barring some twist, Penn State's roster is set for the season. With that, today we'll break down the team by position and eligibility. In particular, eligibility determines not only the recruiting strategy for the next season, but which players are redshirted, which players change positions, and so much more. This breakdown will be critical to understanding what happens with certain players, and why, in the coming months.

(Full analysis below the chart)

Pos.(14) Seniors(26) Juniors(35) Sophomores(49) Freshmen

(4) Matthew McGloin,

Kevin Newsome*,

John Kelly,

Shane McGregor
(4) Steven Hill,

Garrett Venuto,

Robert Bolden^,

Paul Jones^
RB(3) Evan Royster*,

Josh Matzkin (FB),

Brent Carter,

(3) Brandon Beachum,

Stephfon Green*,

Joe Suhey* (FB)
(2) Derek Day,

Kevin Kowalishen
(5) Curtis Dukes,

Pat Zerbe (FB),

Andre Dupree (FB),

Silas Redd^,

Zach Zwinak^ (FB)
WR(2) Graham Zug*,

Brett Brackett
(2) Chaz Powell*,

Derek Moye*
(7) Curtis Drake,

Justin Brown,

Devon Smith,

Andrew Goodman,

J.D. Mason,

Ryan Scherer,

Sean Luchnick
(7) Shawney Kersey,

Brandon Moseby-Felder,

A.J. Price,

Tariq Tongue,

Christian Kuntz,

Alex Kenney^,

Levi Norwood^
Andrew Szczerba*, Mark Wedderburn, Kevin Haplea^,
OL(3) Stefen Wisniewski* (C),

Doug Klopacz (C),

Lou Eliades* (G)
(4) DeOn'tae Pannell* (T),

Quinn Barham* (G),

Anthony Tortorelli (C),

Johnnie Troutman* (G)
(2) Matt Stankiewitch* (G),

Mike Farrell
(11) Adam Gress,

Ty Howle (C),

Frank Figueroa,

Mark Arcidiacono,

John Urschel,

Eric Shrive (T),

Nate Cadogan,

Luke Graham^,

Khamrone Kolb^,

Tom Ricketts^,

Vinh Vuong^
DL(2) Tom McEowen (DT),

Ollie Ogbu* (DT)
(6) Kevion Latham (DE),

Jonathan Stewart (DE),

Eric Latimore* (DE),

Devon Still* (DT),

Jack Crawford* (DE),

Chimaeze Okoli (DT)
(7) Jordan Hill (DT),

Pete Massaro (DE),

Sean Stanley (DE),

James Terry (DT),

Mikel Berry,
Matt Kenney (DE),
Brandon Ware (DT)
(8) Garry Gilliam,

J.R. Refice,

Brad Bars^,

Kyle Baublitz^,

Miles Dieffenbach^,

Evan Hailes^,

DaQuan Jones^,

C.J. Olaniyan^
LB(2) Bani Gbadyu*,

Chris Colasanti*
(2) Shaine Thompson,

Nathan Stupar
(6) Michael Zordich,

Michael Yancich,

Michael Mauti*,

Ken Pollock,

Brian Irvin,

James Van Fleet
(5) Nick Delligatti,

Khairi Fortt^,

Mike Hull^,

Dakota Royer^,

Don Duckett^

DB(3) Cedric Jeffries (S),

Shelton McCullough (CB),

Jesse Alfreno (CB)
(7) D'Anton Lynn* (CB),

Andrew Dailey (S),

Nick Sukay* (S),

Drew Astorino* (S),

Kyle Johnson (S),

Tyler Ahrenhold (S),

Stephen Joseph (S)
(3) Gerald Hodges (S),

Stephon Morris* (CB),

Jacob Fagnano
(6) Evan Lewis,

Mike Wallace,

Stephen Obeng-Agyapong,

Malcolm Willis,

Derrick Thomas,

Shyquawn Pullium^
STCollin Wagner* (K), Ryan Breen* (P), (3) David Soldner (K),

Jon Rohrbaugh (LS),

Michael Fuhrman (K)
(2) Anthony Fera (K),

Emery Etter (K)

*Possible/probable starter
^True freshman


The first thing anyone will notice is the lack of any upperclassmen quarterbacks. All eight passers have sophomore or freshman eligibility. With the addition of two very highly-rated quarterbacks--Bolden and Jones--Penn State is pretty much relieved of any pressure to recruit and sign a high-quality quarterback prospect for the 2011 recruiting class. Newsome, Bolden and Jones were all top-10 quarterbacks nationally out of high school. There hasn't been this kind of quality depth at this position in years, if not ever for Penn State.

There are only eight total seniors currently listed as offensive players; only 10 offensive players are juniors. This creates a huge backlog of players, all with loads of talent. I would imagine that with so many sophomores and juniors on this side of the ball, Penn State could afford to recruit lightly for offensive prospects next recruiting season.

The defense is another story. While there are only seven senior defenders, there are 15 juniors and 16 sophomores. Compared to the 28 offensive players with freshman eligibility going into 2010, the defense only has 19 redshirt or true freshmen. While its depth is not at all thin, the defense could use another jolt from next season's recruiting class, particularly in the defensive backfield, where the Lions only picked up one player in this year's class.


Penn State loves to redshirt freshmen whenever it can. Last season, the Nittany Lions had a senior-heavy starting lineup, necessitating the early playing time by true freshmen like Stephon Morris and Curtis Drake, among others. Now that the roster has some experience, and most of the positions are down to no more than two players competing for the job, the 2010 true freshmen won't get nearly the amount of playing time that we saw last season.

Since Paul Jones is enrolled for the spring semester, he does have a leg up on Robert Bolden to become the second or third quarterback for 2010. However, if Kevin Newsome and Matt McGloin have a really great spring sessions, don't be surprised if Bolden is redshirted along with Jones. I'm not counting on it yet, as Newsome hasn't been given enough live action to show what he can really do on the field. But no matter what happens with Newsome and Jones, you can bet now that Bolden will take a redshirt season for 2010.

Contrary to popular opinion, I'm not counting on Silas Redd, Mike Hull, or Khairi Fortt to see anything but the bench in 2010. Seriously, how many snaps would these guys get, 30? 40? That is not worth wasting a year of eligibility for young players who will have their shot to make a difference on the team. The only area where I could see one or two true freshmen playing is along the defensive line, as Larry Johnson, Sr. loves to sub players in and out on almost every play. But overall, this is not the year to play freshmen. Should the coaching staff agree with that, it could pay huge dividends in the next four years.

Position Changes

There has been talk about a few position changes for the spring, but nothing has been confirmed; if it was confirmed, don't count on it staying that way. Penn State makes about a dozen or so position changes by the time spring turns to summer.

However, there are a few that could stick. The former defensive back recruit, safety Gerald Hodges, is supposedly moving to linebacker to take advantage of his great size and incredible speed. This is just another reason why I said above that there is no reason to waste Mike Hull's freshman season on a few snaps. I would have liked to see Hodges stay at safety, as Penn State hasn't had an elite talent back there in a number of years--not to mention all the blown coverages by a few of the safeties since the 2009 Rose Bowl.

Of course, that all could be assuaged if this next possibility comes true: Chaz Powell will move back to his old safety position. If this happens in concert with Hodges' move to linebacker, it would be very satisfying. Powell was a very highly-rated safety out of high school, with good speed and knows how to handle the ball. Plus, a defensive back with wide receiver experience is always great.

That's all for now. As spring practice starts up, we'll keep the updates coming. It should be one of the most interesting spring sessions we've seen in a long time. I know I'm looking forward to it.

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2010 Penn State Football Roster

Updated 8/16/10

You can still view old rosters by visiting our Archived Football Rosters page.

No.NamePos.Elig.Ht./Wt.Hometown/High School/Last CollegeHigh School Coach
1Robert BoldenQBFR6-4/208Orchard Lake, Mich./Orchard Lake St. Mary'sGeorge Porritt
1Nick SukaySafJR6-1/209Mt. Pleasant, Pa./Greensburg Central CatholicWlliam Colosimo
2Chaz PowellCBJR6-1/196New Freedom, Pa./SusquehannockTom Waranavage
3Brandon BeachumRBJR6-0/225Struthers, Oh/Cardinal MooneyP.J. Fecko
4Shawney KerseyWRFR6-1/197Woodbury, N.J./WoodburyZack Valentine
5Graham ZugWRSR6-2/185Manheim, Pa./Manheim CentralMike Williams
5Derrick ThomasCBFR6-0/178Greenbelt, Md./Eleanor RooseveltTom Green
6Derek MoyeWRJR6-5/202Rochester, Pa./RochesterGene Matsook
6Gerald HodgesLBSO6-2/228Paulsboro, NJ/PaulsboroGlenn Howard
7Curtis DrakeWRSO5-11/172Philadelphia, Pa./West Philadelphia CatholicBrian Fluck
8Brandon Moseby-FelderWRFR6-2/176Fort Washington, Md./Oxon HillKevin Wolfolk
8D' Anton LynnCBJR6-1/200Celina, Texas/CelinaButch Ford
9Michael ZordichLBSO6-1/236Canfield, Ohio/Cardinal MooneyP.J. Fecko
10Malcolm WillisSafFR5-1.5/217Marbury, Md./LackeyDoug Lamb
10Paul JonesQBFR6-3/246McKees Rocks, Pa./Sto-RoxJason Ruscitto
11Khairi ForttLBFR6-2/233Stamford, Conn./StamfordKevin Jones
11Matthew McGloinQBSO6-1/209Scranton, Pa./West ScrantonMike DeAntona
12Kevin NewsomeQBSO6-2/225Portsmouth, Va./Hargrave Military AcademyRobert Prunty
12Stephon MorrisCBSO5-8/185Greenbelt, Md./Eleanor RooseveltTom Green
13Mark WedderburnTESO6-6/226Upper Darby/Cardinal O'HaraDan Algeo
13Andrew DaileySafJR6-2/217Massillon, Ohio/WashingtonTom Stacy
14Mike WallaceCBFR5-9/184Silver Springs, Md./Good CounselBob Milloy
14Evan LewisCBSO5-10/182Gettysburg, Pa./GettysburgSam Leedy
15Bani GbadyuLBSR6-1/241Gaithersburg, Md./Quince OrchardDave Mencarini
15Alex KenneyWRFR6-0/190State College, Pa./State College AreaAl Wolski
16Shelton McCulloughCBSR6-0/193Randallstown, Md./RandallstownAlbert Howard
16Shane McGregorQBSO6-1/205Ebensburg, Pa./Central CambriaKen Bussard
17Christian KuntzWRFR6-4/212Camp Hill, Pa./TrinityJeff Boger
18Andrew GoodmanWRSO6-0/185Philadelphia, Pa./George WashingtonRon Cohen
19Garrett VenutoQBFR6-0/215Ithaca, N.Y./IthacaEd Redmond
19Justin BrownWRSO6-3/216Wilmington, Del./ConcordGeorge Kosanovich
20Devon SmithWRSO5-7/157White Plains, Md./WestlakeDom Zaccarelli
21Stephfon GreenTBJR5-10/197Bronx, N.Y./John F. KennedyAlex Vega
22Evan RoysterTBSR6-1/228Fairfax, Va./WestfieldTom Verbanic
23Stephen Obeng-AgyapongSafFR5-10/196Bronx, N.Y./John F. KennedyAlex Vega
24Derek DayRBSO5-9/196Bellefonte, Pa./Central DauphinGlen McNamee
25Silas ReddTBFR/200Norwalk, Conn./King Low Heywood ThomasDan Gouin
26Curtis DukesTBFR6-1/237Evans Mills, N.Y./Indian RiverCory Marsell
27Jacob FagnanoSafSO6-0/203Wiliamsport, Pa./WilliamsportTom Gravish
27Tariq TongueWRFR5-8/164Flushing, N.Y./Holy CrossTom Pugh
28Drew AstorinoSafJR5-10/193Edinboro, Pa./General McLaneJim Wells
28David SoldnerKSO6-1/227Lititz, Pa./Manheim TownshipMike Melnyk
29Kevin KowalishenRBSO5-10/187Northampton, Pa./Northampton AreaRobert Steckel
29Russell NyePKSO6-0/170State College, Pa./State College AreaAl Wolski
30Anthony FeraPKFR6-2/210Cypress, Texas/St. Pius XRobin Kirk
30Ryan Keiser FR6-1/191Selinsgrove, Pa./SelinsgroveRay Moyer
31Nick DelligattiLBFR6-0/206Grove City, Pa./Grove CityJeff Bell
32Dakota RoyerLBFR6-1/210Lancaster, Pa./Manheim CentralMike Williams
33Michael YancichLBSO6-2/236Washington, Pa./TrinityEd Dalton
33Andre DupreeFBFR5-10/224Waldorf, Md./North PointKen Lane
34Nathan StuparLBJR6-1/231State College, Pa./State College AreaAl Wolski
35Pat ZerbeFBFR6-1/236West Lawn, Pa./WilsonDoug Dahms
36Kyle JohnsonSafJR6-0/192Landenberg, Pa./Avon GroveC.J. Hoffman
36Collin WagnerKSR5-9/183State College, Pa./State College AreaAl Wolski
37Joe SuheyRBJR6-1/227Deerfield, Ill./Loyola AcademyJohn Holecek
38Tyler AhrenholdSafJR6-0/185Blue Bell, Pa./Chestnut Hill AcademyRichard Knox
40Glenn CarsonLBFR6-3/237Manahawkin, N.J./Southern RegionalCharles Donohue Sr.
40Zach ZwinakFBFR6-1/227Frederick, Md./Linganore 
41J.R. ReficeDLFR6-0/265Jessup, Pa./Valley ViewGeorge Howanitz
42Michael MautiLBSO6-2/231Mandeville, La./MandevilleGuy LeCompte
43Mike HullLBFR6-0/211Canonsburg, Pa./Canon-McMillanGuy Montecalvo
44Michael FuhrmanKSSO5-10/215Pittsburgh, Pa./North AlleghenyArt Walker
44Kevion LathamDEJR6-2/252Greensboro, N.C./PageKevin Gillespie
45Alex ButterworthKFR5-10/192Indianapolis, Ind./Heritage ChristianRon Qualls
46Ken PollockLBSO6-0/194Dallas, Pa./Lake LehmanCarl Kern
47Jordan HillDTSO6-1/309Steelton, Pa./Steelton-HighspireRob Deibler
48Chris ColasantiLBSR6-2/241Leonard, Mich./Brother RiceAlbert Fracassa
49A.J. Firestone FR6-0/222Mercersburg, Pa./Mercersburg AcademyDan Walker
50DeOn'tae PannellTJR6-5/317Southfield, Mich./GrovesBrendan Flaherty
52Chimaeze OkoliTJR6-4/293Virginia Beach, Va./SalemRobert Jackson
52Brian IrvinDESO6-3/240Orrtanna, Pa./GettysburgSam Leedy
53Jon RohrbaughKSJR6-0/212Ellicott City, Md./HowardBruce Strunk
54James Van FleetLBSO6-0/224Williamsport, Pa./LoyalsockRichard Delaney
54Matt StankiewitchG/CSO6-3/293Orwigsburg, Pa./Blue MountainChuck Kutz
55Tom RickettsOLFR6-5/268Wexford, Pa./North AlleghenyArt Walker
56Eric LatimoreDEJR6-6/280Middletown, Del./MiddletownMark Delpercio
57Emery EtterKSFR6-1/230Chambersburg, Pa./Chambersburg AreaDave Carruthers
58Adam GressTFR6-6/293West Mifflin, Pa./West MifflinTim Brennan
59Pete MassaroDESO6-4/255Newtown Square, Pa./Marple NewtownRay Gionta
60Ty HowleCFR6-0/290Wake Forest, NC/BunnDavid Howle
61Stefen WisniewskiG/CSR6-3/306Bridgeville, Pa./Pittsburgh Central CatholicTerry Trotten
62Frank FigueroaGFR6-3/285San Antonio, Texas/Thomas EdisonVaughn Lewis
63Alex Mateas FR6-3/310Ottawa, Canada/Ottawa Sooners 
64John UrschelGFR6-3/286Williamsville, N.Y./CanisiusBrandon Harris
65Miles DieffenbachOLFR6-3/290Pittsburgh, Pa./Fox ChapelBryan Deal
67Quinn BarhamG/TJR6-3/298Durham, N.C./HillsideRay Harrison
68Doug KlopaczCSR6-3/286Hasbrouck Heights, N.J./St. Joseph RegionalTony Karcich
70Anthony TortorelliGJR6-0/261State College, Pa./HaverfordJoe Gallagher
71Devon StillDTJR6-5/311Wilmington, Del./HowardDan Ritter
72Khamrone KolbOLFR6-5/335Burke, Va./Lake Braddock SecondaryJim Poythress
73Mark ArcidiaconoGFR6-4/279Holland, Pa./St. Joseph's PrepGil Brooks
74Johnnie TroutmanGJR6-4/323Brown Mills, N.J./Pemberton TownshipHohn Rosnick
75Evan HailesDTFR6-1/307Chesapeake, Va./Oscar F. SmithRichard Morgan
75Eric ShriveT/GFR6-6/299Scranton, Pa./West ScrantonMike DeAntona
76Nate CadoganTFR6-5/297Portsmouth, Ohio/PortsmouthCurt Clifford
77Lou EliadesG/TSR6-4/310Ocean, N.J./Ocean TownshipSal Spompanato
78Mike FarrellTSO6-6/303Pittsburgh, Pa./Shady Side AcademyDave Havern
79Luke GrahamOLFR6-4/278Harrison City, Pa./Penn TraffordArt Tragesser
80Andrew SzczerbaTEJR6-6/254Wilmington, Del./SalesianumBill DiNardo
81Ryan SchererWRSO5-8/167Avon Lake, Ohio/Avon LakeDave Dlugosz
81Jack CrawfordDEJR6-5/256Longport, N.J./St. AugustineDennis Scunderi
82Kevin HapleaTEFR6-4/243Annandale, N.J./North HunterdonJohn Mattes
83Brett BrackettWRSR6-6/246Lawrenceville, N.J./LawrenceRob Radice
83Brad BarsDEFR6-3/223Nashville, Tenn./Montgomery Bell AcademyDan McGugin
84Kyle BaublitzDEFR6-5/248York, Pa./Central YorkBrad Livingston
85Ollie OgbuDTSR6-1/285Staten Island, N.Y./Milford AcademyWilliam Chaplick
86C.J. OlaniyanDEFR6-3/229Warren, Mich./Warren MottTom Milanov
87Jonathan StewartTEJR6-2/246North Huntingdon, Pa/NorwinDaniel Conwell
88J.D. MasonTESO6-4/208Philipsburg, Pa./Philipsburg-OsceolaJeff Vroman
89Garry GilliamTEFR6-6/263Carlisle, Pa./Milton HersheyBob Gayer
90Sean StanleyDESO6-1/232Rockville, Md./GaithersburgKreg Kephart
91DaQuan JonesDTFR6-3/309Johnson City, N.Y./Johnson City SeniorFred Deinhardt
93James TerryDTSO6-3/312New Castle, Del./BrandywineSteve Dent
94Mikel BerryDTSO6-2/259Upper Arlington, Ohio/Upper ArlingtonMike Golden
96Cody CastorDESO6-3/261Uniontown, Pa./Uniontown AreaJohn Fortugna
99Brandon WareDTSO6-3/337Harrisburg, Pa./HarrisburgGeorge Chaump

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February 4, 2010

Thursday Question: Grading the Class

Each Thursday the staff at Linebacker-U.com will choose a topical question to answer in a roundtable format. Up this week, the staff will grade Penn State's 2010 recruiting class. So I guess it's not really a question this week, but an assignment: Grade the 2010 Recruiting Class

February 3, 2010

*Ahem* There IS a Basketball Game Tonight

Well, it looks I have the unfortunate task of having to write about the imminent beatdown in Columbus, where the Fighting DeChellises will take on Ohio State (6:30 PM ET, BTN).

2010 Freshman Class, Hello!

Penn State didn't have to worry about the usual National Letter of Intent Signing Day drama. Unlike the plurality of college football programs on signing day, Joe Paterno's crew likes to lock up their recruiting classes early.

Wrestling Wreport: the weekend roundup edition

The Penn State Wrestling team split the weekend duals getting trounced by Iowa 29-6 but bouncing back to beat Wisconsin 22-15. A couple things about this Wrestling team jump out at you, while the Iowa match wasn't a surprise (I predicted a 28-7 loss), the Wisconsin victory shows a lot of promise. Last season this team would have folded after such a demoralizing loss but it's becoming more and more apparent that the wrestlers are adopting Sanderson's 'never quit fighting' attitude. Despite winning only two matches against Iowa, Penn State won 6 of 10 against the Badgers and 2 of the 4 losses were close.

February 2, 2010

Vinh Vuong, Hello! Keenan Allen, Bye?

According to a Scout.com report tonight, State College product Vinh Vuong will join the football team as a preferred walk-on this spring.
“I’m going to be a preferred walk-on at Penn State,” Vuong said. “I talked to Coach Mike McQueary and they said they would be treating me like a scholarship player and would get the same opportunities as everyone else gets when it comes to earning a starting spot.”
Can't argue much with some home-grown talent. While Vuong isn't exactly a high-profile pickup, he's a solid addition to an already fantastic freshman class. Penn State typically does very well developing preferred walk-ons, so this doesn't bother me one bit.

We will see what this means tomorrow, if the coaches already know that Keenan Allen and Mike Thornton are out of reach. It was rumored tonight that once the coaching staff heard that Allen would only commit to a school that could take his half-brother, the short-lived recruitment of Allen was done. It's not really a loss, because Penn State never had Allen. But it's a shame that the staff couldn't grab one more big name to cap an outstanding 2010 class.

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More Animated PSU Hoops Message Board Squabbling

It's been a while since we last observed the state of the Penn State message boards regarding the basketball team. In the past month, things have only gotten worse and the message board flaming has become increasingly scorching. Such tense times of course, require the help of a couple of special characters to help illustrate how contentious things have become in Message Board Land.

Recruiting Update: Safety Valve?

You thought recruiting was over for Penn State? Ha! Late yesterday, the highly-rated athlete prospect Keenan Allen backed out of his commitment to play for Alabama. That news would have been interesting enough, had it not been for the follow up report: Allen will choose between Cal--right now the likely possibility--and Penn State.

February 1, 2010

Officials say Pitt to Big Ten rumor false

Well this was quick. You know that whole rumor about how Pitt was all set to announce its move to the Big Ten? (obviously, you do) It is completely not true. ZagBlog.com, an SNY.tv network blog, reported earlier today: