February 6, 2010

Minnesota, Round 2: Bringing back the Rec Hall Magic

Penn State's basketball season is dead to me at this point but for tradition's sake, I figure I should to write something regarding today's home game against Minnesota (2 PM ET, BTN). Today is "Throwback Day" in which 30 former players will be returning to the BJC to be honored at halftime. Additionally, the players will be wearing jerseys from the late 70's, probably to re-kindle some of that old Rec Hall magic from the John Bach/Dick Harter* era. At the conclusion of the game, 16 lucky fans will win one of the sweaty retro uniforms**, provided they pay $2 up front to enter and help out Coaches vs Cancer.

While I have no complaints about this gimmick, I feel the athletic department isn't going far enough with this. If they REALLY want to have a "Throwback Day" don't just change the uniforms, change the venue and the coach. That's right, I'm talking about Bruce Parkhill roaming the Rec Hall sidelines, the student section literally right behind him, and the rest of the tiny crackerbox gym filled to capacity, just like the good old days...

Oh, and being that Pete Lisicky will be in attendance today: Here's a little video entertainment for the masses.

* Yes, that was actually the latter coach's name

** Preferably, Talor Battle's.

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