February 1, 2010

Officials say Pitt to Big Ten rumor false

Well this was quick. You know that whole rumor about how Pitt was all set to announce its move to the Big Ten? (obviously, you do) It is completely not true. ZagBlog.com, an SNY.tv network blog, reported earlier today:

There is no announcement to make because there is nothing happening,” said Pitt spokesman Mike Gladysz.

E.J. Borghetti, Pitt’s associate AD for media relations, added this on his Twitter feed: “Now hear this: rumors on Internet message boards should be read for amusement purposes only, and not consumed as responsible journalism.”

Another Pitt spokesman added: “It’s a total rumor. There is no truth to it. I am 100 percent sure.”

A spokesman for the Big 10 Conference said the league had no additional comment.
But before this came out today, you know that all the media were hard at work, getting their stories ready for immediate publication, should the rumor be proven true. This is pretty common practice in the media, as we see here (HT: Nick):

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