January 31, 2010

Pitt to the Big Ten a done deal?

There usually isn't enough specificity in an average internet rumor to give it much credibility. But this is just kind of weird. At some point between yesterday and today, a rumor was started that the Pitt Panthers will join the Big Ten. It's been speculated for months that Pitt should be the natural choice for the Big Ten's announced expansion, which adds an element of probability to the truthiness of this rumor.

From what I've read and heard, the rumor started after Pitt's athletes were informed of the decision. But if that were the case, I find it though to believe that the main stream media wouldn't have been all over this. Seriously, if all the athletes at Pitt were given this information, is it plausible that not a single one of them would have spilled the beans by now? I don't really think so.

If this is all in-fact true, then the announcement will supposedly happen this upcoming Thursday (Feb. 4) or Friday (Feb. 5).

But that's just another reason why I'm not sinking too much into this rumor's stock. If the university and the Big Ten have agreed to a deal, even in principle only, they sure as hell wouldn't tell a few hundred athletes about it, almost a full week before an official announcement was scheduled. I would hardly trust 20-year-olds to keep their traps shut after making the party rounds with a half dozen drinks in them.

I might be completely wrong on this skepticism; I hope I am. Pitt would be a fantastic addition to the Big Ten, particularly for Penn State and its fans. Linebacker-U.com will keep an eye on this, so stay tuned for (hopefully) any big news this week.

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  1. From a financial viewpoint the Big Ten could do much better so I tend to think this rumor is false. However, from a PSU perspective only Notre Dame would be a better addition. FTR-I started following PSU football in 1981 which was the first year of the 12 year PSU-ND series. I felt that was a much bigger game than PSU-Pitt.

  2. Absurd. Pitt brings nothing to the Big Ten TV-wise. Never happen.

  3. I find it hard to believe that people tend to think Pittsburgh isn't a viable candidate. But then again, maybe that's just from Penn State fans. While Pittsburgh doesn't bring anything to the table in terms of television markets, I do think that if this rumor is true, the University of Pittsburgh sought out the invitation than to be stuck on a sinking ship known as the Big East.