February 25, 2010

Better Crotch-Grab: William Buford or Stanley Pringle?

Yeah, Penn State lost to 9th-ranked Ohio State last night. Big whoop, we all saw it coming. The real highlight of the night though was the Big Ten Network's TV cameras getting a shot of Buckeye guard William Buford telling the Nittany Nation student section SUCK IT, BITCHES- SCOREBOARD as he was sent to the bench after fouling out. Props go out to The 22,000+ for providing the video evidence shown above. Such behavior was prompted by the fact that PSU was down seven with 30 seconds left and the Nittany Nation was doing their typical "left, right, left...SIT DOWN!" chant as Buford was walking towards the bench to watch his team close out another win.

As Penn State basketball fans though, we're no strangers to crotch-grabbing. If you can fondlingly recall (Ha! Get it? FONDLING-ly? Ha-haaaaoookay, I'll shut up now), Stanley Pringle (pictured, far left) was once cited for having his hands down his pants while getting acquainted with some girl in the Pattee library stacks. This of course, led to Pringle's famous "This is how I chill, ma'am" alibi and subsequent shaving of his dreadlocks, lest he be easily recognized all over campus as 'Stanley, The Dread-locked Library Masturbator.'

With that being said, which crotch-grab do you find more epic? Let your voices be heard, so we can settle this barroom debate once and for all.

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  1. I'm going with Buford. Dealing with an STD in public on live tv, takes more...balls, than taking care of an urge in the stacks.

  2. I think it depends on which part of the stacks we're talking about. The Russian Literature stacks for instance, is mere child's play If we're talking about the stacks on the first floor of West Pattee though, then that takes some serious cojones.

  3. There's also a pretty big difference between manipulating your genitals on national TV, or in the relative seclusion of a large campus library. If there were surveillance tapes of Pringle, his episode would be the winner, hands down.