February 15, 2010

Michigan State Post-Mortem: "Come On, Abuse Me More, I Like It."

Much like how BSD has been using different variations of 'Suicide Is Painless' (aka the MASH theme song) I figure at this point, it's only appropriate to do the same thing for Silverchair's hit single 'Abuse Me' because let's be honest: The only reason we're still Penn State basketball fans is because we enjoy the abuse in some sick and twisted sort of way.

I actually was in person to witness the best 0-12 team ever last Saturday play Michigan State tough for about 30 minutes before Sparty woke up, realized they were playing Penn State, and proceeded to go on a 13-0 spurt that put the game out of reach. A deadly combination of Kalin Lucas' 24 points, superior post play, and most importantly, superb defense led to Sparty's decisive victory. Talor Battle once again, was part of a one-man show scoring 30 of PSU's 54 points, along with five rebounds and five assists, what else is new?

Oh, I'll tell you what's new: Highly audible booing from the crowd, which came as a result of back-to-back possessions during Sparty's 13-0 run that resulted in shot-clock violations, one of them featuring Andrew Ott being too timid to shoot the damn ball. The shot-clock violations of course were sandwiched in between plenty of desperately hoisted three-pointers from 25 feet away as the shot clock fell below five seconds. Seriously, take a look at PSU's shot chart, compare it with Sparty's chart, and then try convincing me that we actually run any coherent type of offense that doesn't involve a bunch of handoffs around the perimeter followed by aimless dribbling.

Also making a triumphant debut at the BJC was a FIRE ED sign. I noticed from where I sat, some fan having the sign laid down in between rows of seats and then later on, keeping it in between his legs when those aforementioned seats filled with people. I knew of course, that it would only be a matter of time before the sign would be flashed like the Bat Signal. Yes folks, we have reached a point of no return where the Pandora's Box of audible booing and signs openly calling for the coach's shit-canning has been opened, it surely brings me back to a time when students pulled the same stunts during Jerry Dunn's final season and would constantly engage in games of 'monkey in the middle' with BJC security. Just check out the picture below, to see what I'm referring to.

Wooo! Party like it's 2003!

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