February 13, 2010

Michigan State Preview: ESPN Likes Torture.

After a merciful week-long hiatus, the Fighting DeChellises will attempt to take advantage of a Michigan State team (and re-create that lovely photo to your right of a frosh and froed version of Talor Battle being mobbed after PSU beat Sparty) in the midst of a three-game losing skid, due in large part probably to their superstar point guard Kalin Lucas having a busted ankle.

Unfortunately for us, Lucas is near 100% healthy again which means we're royally screwed unless Lucas has a cold day shooting from the floor and Sparty's superior post players aren't able to get their share of touches inside. If those two aforementioned improbabilities both occur, then perhaps there's a sliver of irrational hope - which as The 22,000+ points out, is what makes us PSU hoops fans.

Tipoff is at Noon ET on ESPN...Seriously? WTF? ESPN might as well play two hours worth of bondage videos, those would probably be less disturbing than what might potentially unfold at the BJC.

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