January 10, 2010

Blogpoll 2011: Final Ballot Rough Draft

Thus closes this season's chapter as we begun a new one here at Linebacker-U.com. Congratulations to Alabama on their top spot and the Big Ten's strong showing this year. I'm pretty comfortable with how the top half of the poll unfolds, but as the Blogpoll tends to do, it gets murkier the deeper you go. As this is the draft, feel free to peruse it and offer your takes as well. I might still have too many Pac-10 teams floating around the bottom and if anyone can make a strong case for another team's inclusion have at it. Corrections, suggestions and objections are always welcome.

2Boise State 3
3TCU 1
4Texas 1
5Florida 1
6Ohio State 2
7Iowa 2
8Penn State 2
9Cincinnati 5
10Wisconsin 4
11Virginia Tech 2
12Oregon 5
13Brigham Young 3
14Georgia Tech 3
15LSU 3
16Miami (Florida) 1
18Central Michigan
19Utah 1
21Southern Cal 3
22Pittsburgh 3
23Arizona 6
24Stanford 3
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oregon State (#19), Oklahoma State (#22), West Virginia (#23).

Moving Up:

Boise St. - Congratulations on your silver medal. There are many that would outright dismiss your chances against Alabama or Texas, however I think you'd give them a hell of a game. Not saying I would pick you to win, but you'd make it interesting.

Wisconsin - I think the Badgers may have had the most decisive win in the bowl. That game wasn't anywhere near as close as the score indicates, so much for "southern speed."

Moving Down:

Cincinnati - I know it was under tough circumstances, but they were absolutely trounced. Outside of Gilyard, the talent just wasn't there, but it was still an outstanding season for them.

Pac-10 - Yikes! Undermining the regular season which many projected them as the best conference top to bottom, the Pac-10 laid an egg in bowl season.

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1 comment:

  1. The biggest problem this year is with USC. You know they should probably beat all the teams around them, plus a few more in the top half of the ballot. But just because they have the talent to be in the top-15 doesn't take away from the fact that they lost to Washington, and were trounced by five-loss Stanford, Rose Bowl loser Oregon, and were embarrassed at home again my a very mediocre Arizona team. All that aside, this year's final rankings are pretty clear-cut.