January 25, 2010

Gaston not interested in Penn State

Chicago prospect, and hot name this past week around the Penn State recruiting world, Bruce Gaston, Jr. will not commit to the Nittany Lions when he announces his college choice tomorrow. According to Gaston, "the more I thought about it all the more I just don't think I can start to build a relationship in two weeks. [snip] I'll call the Penn State coaches tonight or tomorrow and tell them thanks but no thanks."

Last week it was reported that Gaston was offered a scholarship by Penn State, after Larry Johnson, Sr. took a trip out to the Windy City for a visit with the recruit. But as anyone with half a brain would guess, it seemed like a long shot from the beginning with Gaston.

In his interview yesterday with Rivals.com, Gaston said it was pretty much down to Purdue, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Boston College, and Notre Dame. That could mean when all is said and done, Gaston might be lining up against the Nittany Lions in the next few seasons.

Ok, but what about Penn State?
It's tough not to feel like this year's recruiting class is a bust; but keep in mind, Penn State has still assembled what is universally regarded as a top-eight haul in 2010. Gaston was a flash in the pan for Penn State. When Johnson went out to Chicago, it was just a Hail Mary-style pitch, seeing if Gaston could be snatched up to beef up the class. It didn't work, but that's perfectly okay.

Be sure to check out this week's Wednesday Recruitin' for more on this year's recruiting class, and what we can expect over the next eight days leading up to National Letter of Intent Signing Day.

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