January 8, 2010

Pete Carroll reportedly bolting for Seattle

Will Pete Carroll actually leave USC
for the Seattle Seahawks?
This story is leaking faster than the Titanic.

Pete Carroll was on the short list to replace fired Seattle Seahawks coach Jim Mora. Now its sounding like Carroll is getting the heck out of Dodge. Some reports say it's a five year deal; others aren't so specific.

What is known right now is that USC athletic director Mike Garrett said the university won't reveal anything until Monday; there's a football team meeting at 2 p.m. on Monday.

It's not all that unlikely these reports are true. In the last three days alone, one-time projected starting quarterback Aaron Corp has transferred to Richmond (I-AA), while wide receiver Damian Williams and running back Joe McKnight will skip their senior seasons to enter the 2010 NFL Draft. USC always has great players waiting to fill in the gaps, but the team overall isn't the juggernaut it was last year or the seven years prior to that. Top it off with the lingering violations investigations, and you've got a Seattle sundae coming your way.

Stay tuned for more as the story unfolds this weekend.

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