January 20, 2010

Russ Rose Is Still Infallible

"Ah, come on! You mean, I have to do my
Joe Pesci impersonation again?
Where were you the first five times that I did it?"
All this time, Russ Rose has been putting his pants on just like the rest of us: One leg at time. Except, once his pants were on, he churned out All-American volleyball players, won back-to-back-to-back national championships (making him the Tom Emanski of women's volleyball), and produced a line of instructional DVD's and books for everyone else to soak in just 2% of his vast coaching wisdom. Suffice it to say, Russ Rose had seemingly done it all in his 30 years as the Lady Lions coach.

Well...that appeared to be the case at least, until it was announced recently that Rose would be inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. Now we can add one more accomplishment to his already lengthy list: Dispelling stereotypes.

So props to you, Russ. I would offer you congratulations in Hebrew but I'm not Jewish, plus it's a corny writer gimmick that folks such as Pat Forde are better suited for.

'Mazel tov' Russ! What a fitting reward for someone who for the past 102 games and counting has produced a group of volleyball players dazzling enough to make opposing coaches scream 'Oy vey!' in the middle of the night.

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