January 27, 2010

Shyquawn Pullium Commits To PSU, The Goo Punch Is Flowing Once Again.

Updated 11:30 a.m.

A few weeks ago, many of the Blue and White faithful were feeling that by this time Penn State would have Marcus Lattimore or Michael Thornton locked up--I also thought I would become the next Pete Lisicky for PSU's basketball team when I was in middle school.

Fast-forward to now and you'll find that Lattimore has kindly said 'thanks but no thanks' and Thornton is being hypnotized into leaning towards USC thanks to a well-coordinated recruiting effort from defensive line coach/recruiting savant/probably shirtless Ed Orgeron. Oh, and I'm sure Lane Kiffin is also sending a few USC call girls - Sorry, 'hostesses' to woo Thornton, so let's just go ahead and consider him a lost cause, shall we? might not be a lost cause, but he's still definitely not a lock for Penn State.

That's all fine and dandy though, because PSU just landed themselves an athlete in Erie Cathedral Prep's (PA) Shyquawn Pullium. Pullium appeared to play a lot at QB, where he would mostly call his own number and try to whizz past the defense 10-Yard Fight style.

Obviously, it must have worked enough times to warrant a YouTube highlight reel. Look for Pullium and his 4.31 40 speed to eventually earn him a key role amongst the secondary, as we seem to have more than enough depth at wide receiver already.

However, I wouldn't expect Pullium to contribute immediately due to his 6'0" 170-lb frame that needs bulking up and also because he's strongly considering doing a year at Kiski Prep before coming to PSU in 2011. Nonetheless, this makes Pullium the 19th commit in what is still shaping up to be a solid top-10 recruiting class.

I had a tradition over at my old blog, Happy Hour Valley, of posting a video of a bunch of drunken white dudes dancing to a song called 'Goo Punch' to celebrate every recruiting commitment. I also post the video after a critical win by one of our major sports teams. The clip you're about to see below originated from a mid-90's Nickelodeon TV show My Brother And Me (click here to see the original clip). While the original clip is pretty awesome itself, watching several drunken idiots at a sausage-fest run into doors for no apparent reason is far more entertaining...

So welcome aboard, Shyquawn! The goo punch may be a little stale, but it's still mighty tasty this time of year.

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