January 22, 2010

Tom Bradley had 'interest' in USF job?

The St. Petersburg Times reported online tonight--will go to print in tomorrow's edition--that Penn State's defensive coordinator, and widely-assumed Paterno successsor, Tom Bradley was "said to have interest in the [South Florida] job."

Could it be true? I guess. But is it true? Probably, kinda.

Now, the article wildly lists about two dozen names of coaches and coordinators that were "interested," so gauge on your own what that word really means in this context. That being said, I simply cannot believe that Scrap would go out of his way to even express interest in the USF job. He did interview for the Boston College opening a few years ago. But that was well before the Paterno situation was as clear-cut as it is today.

Penn State knows that Bradley is the most valuable assistant on Joe Paterno's staff--close behind, however, would be Larry Johnson, Sr. After Bradley was actually interested in Boston College, I believe that Penn State did everything to make him happy after he didn't get the job.

Back to the "have interest" thing. It also should be noted that the sentence before that, in the SPT article, it mentioned several "NFL candidates expressing interest or getting recommended..." Reading the context in which the Bradley bit appears, I'm sure it wasn't really Scrap who approached USF; Bradley's name was probably recommended or mentioned by someone else.

I hope it was the latter.

Link: St. Pete Times

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1 comment:

  1. It's stories such as these that make me believe that anyone other than Tom Bradley being the next head coach at PSU will be a total shocker.