March 23, 2010

Ed DeChellis Press Conference at 4 PM ET Today

"For the last goddamn time, Jimmy Hoffa's body is NOT buried underneath our practice facility! My god, don't you people realize that anybody can edit a Wikipedia page?"

Apparently it's been confirmed that Ed DeChellis will be holding a press conference today at 4 PM ET. From what I understand, the likely topic of discussion will be the roster shake-up following the departures of Chris Babb, Bill Edwards, Andrew Ott, and Adam Highberger.

I'm not sure why Ed would hold a press conference about the transfers/graduations, considering there's already an official release about it from the athletic department. Perhaps, he simply wants to answer questions from the media and dispel any myths being spread about further possible transfers from the program.

Or perhaps, in a rather unlikely (but more awesome) scenario, Ed will hold up a printed copy of Devon's letter, light it on fire, and declare jihad against Nittany White Out.

Either way, check back here at LBU for a recap of Ed's presser.

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  1. If this jihad will be anything like his coaching, we won't be holding our breath at NWO. Maybe someone will throw a shoe at him.

  2. Blog vs coach fight would be awesome

  3. Haha, what could DeChellis possibly do. Threaten to be a worse coached team next season? He's as threatening as a box of kittens