March 8, 2010

Everything Is Going According To Plan

So, Penn State has secured its #11 seed for the Big Ten Tournament after last Saturday's 64-60 loss to Purdue at home.* Needless to say, Ed DeChellis' plan is being executed to perfection.

Don't let the picture fool you, had this
been a Big Ten Tournament game, Chris Babb
would've posterized both defenders
and shattered the backboard in the process.
You see, Penn State was simply lulling most of their opponents into a sense of complacency by letting them go up by double figures early on before actually trying their damndest in order to come back and cut the deficit down to 2-3 points, only to let the opponent hit a few key shots again to seal the victory.

Just watch, they'll pull the same stunts again later this week. The only difference will be this time, they'll actually keep their foot on the gas pedal even after cutting the deficit down to a one-possession game, which will likely result in winning each game by at least 15 points. Thus, the Fighting DeChellises will finish the job that the 11th-seeded Illinois team failed to complete back in 1999 and actually win the Big Ten Tournament. They will then proceed to get crushed by #1 seed Kansas in the NCAA Tournament after beating [INSERT HISTORIC BLACK COLLEGE HERE] in the play-in game.

* At least I think it was at home. I wouldn't know though, because half the arena's attendance consisted of people wearing black and gold shirts and cheering for the visiting team...those fucking traitors.

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