March 2, 2010

Ryan Breen quits, returns, quits again

All of this because of dancing? Last week, BWI reported that Ryan Breen had left the team temporarily, but was expected to return. It was supposedly over a spat with the higher-ups about his participation at THON, but no more details about the disagreement came to light. Frankly, that part doesn't matter at this point.

Yesterday, FOS confirmed (note: premium content) BWI's report, and added that Breen still hasn't returned to the team. Today, things aren't looking any better.

As you would expect, this could really throw a wrench into what was once deemed a natural progression (check out the updated special teams post from Friday) at the punter position, from Jeremy Boone last season to Ryan Breen in 2010. Though, it's not nearly the end of the world. With the news concerning Breen, it's also been reported that Penn State has accepted Temple transfer Russell Nye ( recruiting profile, the only one available), a State College native, for the spring semester. He's not on anything official, but pretty much all the major outlets have confirmed this.

If all else fails, Penn State will turn to either Colin Wagner (unlikely) or Anthony Fera (likely) to cover punting duties this spring and possibly in the fall. Both were very good punters in high school, particularly Fera. I'd expect to see Fera end up handling both punting and kickoffs this season, with Wagner staying put as the regular place kicker.

We'll keep an eye on this, but I don't expect much more to come of it. Breen's probably gone. All the team can do is move on.


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  1. "Russ Nye The Punting Guy?" Let's make it happen!

  2. It is always important to know the reasons "WHY";that's why most of us read these blogs etc.

  3. It's been reaffirmed today; Ryan Breen will not be returning to the Penn State football team this year.