March 12, 2010

Spring roster update: Cuts and Jersey Numbers

Penn State "released" it's spring roster. By released, I mean they quietly updated the roster on Naturally, we try to stay as updated as we can here, so I have made all the changes to our own roster at

Some updates to the roster:

Number Assignments/Changes

Nick Sukay #18 - #1
Evan Lewis #12 - #4
Derrick Thomas #25 - #5
Malcolm Willis #24 - #10
Paul Jones (frosh) #10
Khairi Fortt (frosh) #11
Christian Kuntz #34 - #17
Silas Redd (frosh) #25
Dakota Royer (frosh) #32
Andre Dupree #38 - #33
Glenn Carson (GS frosh) #40
Hykeem Brodie (JUCO) #30
JR Refice #97 - #41
Chimaeze Okoli #92 - #66
James Terry #60 - #72
Kyle Baublitz (frosh) #84
Evan Hailes (frosh) No number assigned yet

Not much excitement here, except for maybe those of you out there with a jersey number you were hoping would end up on a popular player. The only number change that means anything is Chima Okoli's pick of 66, which is typically an offensive lineman's number. The rumor around has been that he's making the switch to the O-line; this might add to the speculation. Okoli's position is still listed as "DT."

No longer on official roster

QB Steven Hill #15
QB John Kelly #15
DB Shelton McCullough #16 (w/b SR)
RB Josh Matzkin #30 (w/b SR)
DB Jesse Alfreno #35 (w/b SR)
WR Sean Luchnick #89
DE Matt Kenney #98

I would imagine that this means these players were let go, or in the case of the would-be senior, decided against coming back for a final season. It's always sad to think of these guys each year, but that's what you get with a big-time football program. Again, I'm just going off the official roster, so this is not speculation about these players leaving.

Still on official roster

P Ryan Breen


Position changes?

Shaine Thompson - LB to RB (original pos.)
Chima Okoli - DL# to OL#

We know about Okoli, but Thompson is listed at his old running back position. He was playing linebacker most of last season, but that was before Brandon Beachum blew up his knee. It's not hard to see why Thompson is back on offense. The coaches like him on both sides of the ball. So depending on how Beachum recovers this season, Thompson shouldn't be locked down on offense.

That's all for this update.

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  1. With those players leaving early, does that mean we have more scholarships to give out next season? Also on your roster you have Curtis Dukes as a sophomore, he is a red shirt freshman this year.

  2. No, kind of... I think only one or two of those players were on scholarship (McCullough, at least), which only frees up that many spots for 2010. Penn State typically loses this many players each spring. It's just that no one used to really pay attention to it. Beauty of the internet, I guess.