April 28, 2010

Don't Call It A Comeback: Tony Hunt gets tryout with The Giants

DID YOU KNOW? Tony Hunt was one of only a handful of college football players who dared to attempt the mid-air "Heisman" pose.

Remember back in 2007 when Tony Hunt was drafted by the Eagles and the entire portion of the PSU fan base whom are also Eagles fans were praising the pick and felt that Hunt would become the short-yardage power back to complement a speedy Brian Westbrook? You, you remember that? Well, it didn't exactly work out that way.

After a season-and-a-half long hiatus from the NFL though (Hunt was released from the Eagles in October 2008), Hunt is attempting to make the New York Giants' roster. Former Collegian football and current Jersey Star-Ledger writer Jenny Vrentas has the scoop:

Throughout the past few days, names of players who will attend the Giants' rookie mini-camp have trickled out. The team released Monday a full list of 54 players who will be at the Timex Performance Center this weekend.

Along with the seven Giants' draft picks, and 11 players on the current roster who are eligible based on accrued seasons, will be 13 players who signed as undrafted free agents and 23 attending on a tryout basis....

Among the tryout players are a handful of veterans, including LS Ryan Neill (Rutgers), FB Anthony Cotrone (Maine), RB Tony Hunt (Penn State) and WR Lance Leggett (Miami).

I'm not sure how strong the Giants' need for a backup running back is, particularly with Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw being the two guys who get the most carries. Perhaps Hunt could end up making the roster in a fullback type of role, one who can effectively run block but also utilize his ability to carry several defenders on his back as he fights for those precious few yards in short-yardage situations.

Mike also suggested an obligatory posting of a YouTube video of Hunt's 158-yard rushing performance against Tennessee in the 2007 Outback Bowl but the only video we found featured three carries by Hunt and then a post-game victory interview. Luckily, I discovered a far better highlight package set to an old familiar tune.

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  1. Ya, he was a BIG disappointment in Philly. If he was coming back to any other team besides the cowgirls, the ginas, or the redskins, I would wish him we'll. I'm an OSU fan, but tony hunt was a monster in college, I liked him as a player, and I was one of the people who thought he would come in and be a difference maker for Philly. All I can say is he better not go there and some how, some way, turn into the beast everyone thought he would be.

  2. One step at a time Richie..let's see if he even makes the cut first before we start wishing him well (or ill, in your case).