April 9, 2010

NCAA 2011 Cover Boy, Tim Tebow

He's just sooo dreamy, in a fundamentalist kind of way...

In a shocking move, EA Sports has selected Florida's Tim Tebow to grace the cover of this year's NCAA Football 2011. Because, you know, this wasn't at all expected. But it's done, so now we have to deal with it.

I'll be honest. I have owned many editions of the NCAA games. Most of them I really enjoyed. Some I've avoided buying all together. This upcoming release might end up in the latter category.

Back to Tebow. I'm not a fan. A lot of people are, but not me. Call me un-Christian, un-American, even inhuman. I still won't root for the guy. Yet, as if I needed one more push away from Reverend Tim, Tebow gave this interview with Andrea Adelson, of the Orlando Sentinel. Let's just take some of the highlights, shall we?
Q: What was your reaction the first time you saw yourself in a video game?

A: First thing I thought was, I’m faster than that. [laughs] I wanted to call some people and get my speed rating bumped up a little bit. But it’s fun to be a part of the game.


Q: What did you think the first time you saw your video game character throw an interception?

A: To be honest, I don’t actually play as Florida a lot. Even the last four years I haven’t played as them too often because they’re really good in the game and it’s too much of an advantage for whoever is playing as them.
If you know anything about these NCAA games, you know that every douchebag player in the world uses Tim Tebow, precisely due to the fact that he was the absolute most overly-inflated quarterback in the franchise's history.

The second answer there, about Florida being too good... well, let's just say I've beaten Florida many times, against human opponents, with none other than those slow, fat, unathletic players from the Big Ten.

I apologize if you feel like you've wasted the last 10 minutes of your life reading about Tim Tebow's complete awesomeness. Trust me, it's mutual.

God Bless...

Update: I just re-read the USA Today clip. It said, "Tebow led the Florida Gators to national titles in 2006 and 2008." Um, no. Chris Leak led the Gators to the 2006 BCS Championship. It's one thing to overblow his actual accomplishments, but please, can we refrain from making up new ones?

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  1. Awwww, now you did it. Now Urban Meyer is gonna be on here ranting.
    "Come on Mike, when you get a chance why don't you call the kid's family"
    *starts to walk away from keyboard, turns around*
    "The kid's never been in trouble one time, he's a great student a great kid and your gonna do that!?"
    "If that was my son we'd be going at it right now"
    "Be very careful"
    *walks away from keyboard*

  2. I hope they include the option to do offseason missionary work in the Phillipines plus the ability to earn pregame prayer circle power-ups. I will totally camp out in line for this if they do.

  3. No doubt Tim Tebow is a great QB. No, I don't
    think he is as fast as he thinks of himself.
    Just can not predict How GOOD Tebow will play
    as an NFL Player. What haunts me as a true Tebow fan; his concussion in the Kentucky game via teamate Marcus Gilbert underscores the real violence of NFL game day.
    THAT has got to be a big concern for
    for the Tebow family and his many fans.
    We wish him well and God Bless !

  4. I have owned every EA NCAA football game since the XBox came out. I will not buy this one. I cannot stand the thought of having that kid's sanctimonious mug sitting on the game box on my coffee table.