April 12, 2010


Just shrink this photo of the Nittany Lion leading the "Thriller" dance and make it a tile background on your computer, that's how many people we're going to need to set a world record.

Like most people in my age demographic, I tend to waste an inordinate amount of time on Facebook posting pictures of my dogs, sharing links to interesting news articles (well, interesting to me, at least), and profile-stalking friends that I rarely, if ever, talk to anymore...I take that last sentence back - I don't have any pets.

Over the weekend, I noticed in my Facebook news feed that a friend had joined an event entitled: THRILL PENN STATE 2010! 15,000 ZOMBIES NEEDED! I'm sure you can figure out the premise of such a group before even clicking on the link, but here's the official info:

THRILL PENN STATE is an attempt to break the world record for the Largest Thriller Dance.

On October 16th, 2010 (just in time for Halloween) Penn State will set out to break whatever the world record is at the time.

I picked a weekend when THERE IS NO PENN STATE FOOTBALL GAME, if that is what "OPEN" means.

On August 29th, Mexico got the record with about 13,000 people. And if there is one place that can do it...It's Penn State. 15,000 is less than the amount of student that go to a football game. If we can get 20,000...even better.

The creators of the event want to hold this record-breaking attempt in the tailgating parking lot right across from Beaver Stadium. To your right is an aerial map where I've conveniently marked the designated Thriller spot with a blue 'X.' Assuming this is the parking lot they're referring to, they should be able to squeeze 15,000 people in there, especially if they can squeeze in a ton of cars, trailers, and people for tailgating. Obviously, the Beaver Stadium field itself would be the preferred locale but good luck finding 15,000 people who are willing to break into the stadium and subsequently get pepper-sprayed by horse cops for ruining the precious turfgrass that can easily be replaced in less than two weeks by our top-ranked turfgrass science program...damned fascists.

With that being said, check out the video below of Mexico's record-breaking Thriller performance, as it should give you an idea of what such a spectacle should look like, minus the threat of being shot up by Mexican bandits. And yes, "Open" is Spanish for "There's No Penn State Football Game This Weekend" which means there's no excuse for failing to gather enough students/townsfolk to help make Penn State #1 in yet another trivial category.

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  1. Getting 15,000 people that know that dance will be hard enough let alone coordinating the thing.

  2. There's links posted in the group directing you to instructional videos on how to do the Thriller dance.

  3. Yes that's like saying watch the "Soulja Boy" instructional video on YouTube and expecting 15,000 people to get it. Come on Tim, this is central PA, have you seen some of the kids trying to dance in the nightclubs? It's about as scary as the Penn State rapper contest. Ok, maybe not THAT bad, but you get my point.