May 10, 2010

Big Ten Expansion 'Doomsday' Clock: 11:45

We needed to do something. This sounded interesting enough, so here it is. You know the "Doomsday Clock" that counts down how close humanity is to destroying itself? Well, considering the total freakout going on around college football these days, every media outlet under the sun trying to be the first to "break" the story that confirms when the Big Ten will expand and which teams will get the invitation, the parallels were too obvious.

So, allow us here at to present the official Big Ten Expansion Doomsday Clock. It will be a regular feature here, though not on any regular schedule. As the talk or rumors heat up, we will call a conference of our distinguished college football minds, and determine just how far forward--or backward--we will set the time on the clock. On days when rumors get hot and heavy, you'll probably want to check us out that night to see how much time the college football world has left.

For its initial setting, we will start the clock at a quarter to midnight, 11:45. It's not so much to say that we're that far from the Big Ten announcing its expansion plans. Rather, it's just a good way to "zero out" before making any adjustments as time goes by.

We're sure this thing will need some tweaking as we go, so bear with us. But for now, be afraid! It's nearing midnight, and college football as we know it is closing in on a seizmic shift of Bear-Bryant-Biblical Proportions.

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