May 19, 2010

Big Ten Expansion Doomsday Clock is Cooling its Jets

You may have heard about this expansion thing in the Big Ten. So have we. But after what seemed like weeks of stories suggesting that Big Ten expansion could come any day now, we finally got something to bite into--the Big Ten spring meetings in Chicago.

Unfortunately, all we got was a big chunk of ice from Jim Delany, who quite plainly articulated that expansion plans are still on the 12-18 months timetable, and that no decision would come now, or anytime soon.

Not that it has stopped every news outlet from churning out expansion stories like collector mugs full of hot cocoa on a rainy November Saturday in Beaver Stadium.

But since it really does look like things are cooling off around Big Ten expansion, we decided to dial back our Doomsday Clock by three minutes. The time is now:


◊ ◊ ◊ ◊
Clock History

DayChangeTime'Till MidnightReason
May 10011:4515 min.Initial setting of Big Ten Expansion “Doomsday” clock
May 10+1111:564 min.Sports Radio 810 WHB reports Big Ten has extended initial invitations to Nebraska, Missouri, Rutgers, and Notre Dame
May 11-311:537 min.Jim Delany enters full-scale denial mode about Sports Radio 810 WHB report
May 19-311:5010 min.Jim Delany, says expansion plans are still 12-18 months away

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