May 1, 2010

Jack Swarbrick Reveals New 'Independent' Look for Notre Dame Football

New York Daily News's Dick Wiess wrote yesterday that the Fighting Irish would "remain independent in football... despite push from Big Ten..." The report surfaced immediately preceding Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick' impromptu press conference, in an attempt to drive home with the national media just how far Notre Dame is willing to take its vow of independence. was able to obtain this exclusive photo from that meeting:

*If you don't understand that this is completely satirical, rest assured. It's only due to the fact that you have absolutely no sense of humor. Cheers!

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  1. I'd love to see ND in the Big Ten, but honestly, if I were Notre Dame, I'd stay right where I was as an independent. The mystique that is being driven by this expansion alone is all the press they could possibly hope for, and it's certainly not making them look like losers, its only building positive curiosity into this brand that somehow can put their foot down to the college football world and say no. That's intriguing.

    I guess I say this with an amount of comfort in that the fact that I don't believe need Notre Dame either. Penn State should be concerned about academic and athletic advancement, period, and we don't NEED Notre Dame to be a part of this expansion if that is what we want to accomplish with expansion. Seems like some people either feel that we do, or are just driven by jealous that ND gets so much attention.

  2. Ah yes, the "You're all just jealous!" argument. A classic Notre Dame-ism, for sure.