May 19, 2010

Linkbacker-U commissions report proving Big Ten expansion stories are not hazardous to your health

To the traditional media at-large:

I know the feeling. There is just no way, no how you are going to let a storyline like Big Ten expansion die any time soon. It's just too damn popular. Your sports page is getting a huge boost in daily hits because of it, and the readers, although claiming to be sick of reading about it, keep coming back for more each day. How could you possibly separate the consumers from the product they crave? I mean, it's worked super swell for the cigarette companies, oil cartels, and fast food chains all these years. It's just capitalism! This is not Communist Russia, Nazi Germany, or Socialist China! We're Americans, dammit! And we'll consume whatever makes us feel good, for as long as it will make us feel good. Or, at least until it kills us.

Down with the Pinkos! [Big ol' TFJ]

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You've probably seen this photo in nearly every article today, 'cause you know there was only one photographer at the Big Ten meetings yesterday.
And now for day three of our expansion stories link dumping. Because, you know, it's us bloggers who are brazenly spreading all this stuff about Big Ten expansion.

Looking South

ESPN - Population shift driving Big Ten expansion study

CBS Sports - Population could play large factor in expansion plans

Kansas City Star - Big Ten widens expansion speculation

USA Today - Demographics may prompt Big Ten to go with expansion route

Columbus Dispatch - Big Ten looking at Southern Exposure

Dallas Morning News - Big Ten Now Trying to Map Out a Move South

BREAKING: Nothing Is Happening

ESPN - Notes from Day 2 of the Big Ten Meetings

ESPN - Big Ten expansion vote 'months away' (AP) - Big Ten commissioner says decision on conference expansion still 'months away'

Syracuse Post-Standard - Jim Delany tells media nothing's imminent (Lansing, MI) - Nothing From Delany On Big Ten Expansion

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Delany offers no thought on Big Ten expansion

NBC Sports - Video of Jim Delany on Expansion Talk

Et Cetera

Chicago Tribune - Don't overlook academic affiliation side of Big Ten expansion

USA Today - Sorting through the Big Ten expansion scenarios

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Georgia Tech, ACC content to watch expansion for now - Big Ten expansion talk is getting tiresome

ESPN - Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Big Ten Teams - Maybe the Big Ten won't Blow up the World

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