May 18, 2010

Linkbacker-U tires of your Big Ten expansion fluff

Jim Delany, seen here counting to eleventy billion, the number of dollars the Big Ten will make in 2010...
You know you love the "Linkbacker-U" play. Admit it. So anyway, we told you this week would be slow around here. We weren't kidding. A bunch of nothing has come out of the Big Ten spring meetings so far, unless you consider fluff stories something. I don't.

Spring Meetings & Expansion in General...

Sporting News (MSNBC) - Be patient with Big Ten as it mulls expansion - Big Ten athletic directors wrestle with expansion rumors - As rumors heat up, all eyes on Big Ten

ESPN Big Ten Blog - Big Ten coaches, ADs turn to Delany for answers

USA Today - Big Ten coaches, directors meet as expansion rumors fly

Chicago Tribune - Coaches relish league's lofty status

St. Cloud Times - Rajkowski column: A brave new and bloated Big Ten

Poll: Will there be any actual expansion news this week?

Notre Dame...

ABC News (AP) - Will Notre Dame Keep Its Independence?
This one is so early March 2010.

UK Daily Mail - (as in, United Kingdom!)Michael Kim's US sport column: Notre Dame must decide if it wants to stay independent or join the college expansion and make an extra $7m a year

CBS Sports - Notre Dame looks like it's working on independent future
A look at ND's scheduling the next few years.

Big XII, ACC, SEC...

ESPN Big XII Blog - Texas AD not looking to leave Big 12 (Scout) - [Vanderbilt to the] Big Ten? Maybe not a bad idea

Washington Examiner - Jim Williams: Maryland in the Big Ten? An invite could come - Steven M. Sipple: Big Ten has many appealing factors in its favor

Tampa Bay Online - Big Ten expansion talk has USF's attention

Recruiting... - What does “commit” really mean?
Definitely worth the read, since it's finally a decent story about something other than Big Ten expansion.

Charleston Post and Courier (SC) - Gamecocks land Georgia prep QB
The QB isn't really the story here for PSU fans, rather it's the fact that USC is going after so many of the same recruits as the Lions.

Et cetera... - Michigan to announce self-imposed sanctions against football team, will announce specifics next week

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