May 25, 2010

Penn State replaces one footnote with another: Price out, Mateas in

A.J. Price caught two passes for 26 yards in the Blue-White Game, but never made one in the regular season. Now it looks like he never will, as it was reported today that he has left the team.

That's a rather nasty headline. Sorry. But in a pure business sense (College football is a business. Don't kid yourselves.) a footnote is exactly how this news will be recorded in the annals of Penn State football. reported today (HT:BSD) that Penn State added yet another 2010 recruit, in Canadian (Really, eh?) offensive lineman Alex Mateas. This came nearly simultaneously (Coincidence? I think not so much.) as the report that redshirt sophomore wide receiver A.J. Price was leaving the team. Price apparently ran into serious academic troubles, leading to his request that he be released from scholarship. Hey, at least the kid was man enough to make that kind of decision. We can only wish him luck in wherever he may end up.

In the meantime, the Mateas news has unleashed a shit-storm on the message boards (As if you didn't see that coming), since he will be on full scholarship this fall.

I'm sure there will be more on this soon. So stay tuned.

Here's a little background on the Sooners, via (of course) Wikipedia:
"The Ottawa Sooners are a Canadian football team based in Ottawa. The team originally played in the Ontario Football Conference of the Canadian Junior Football League. The team had achieved success during its play in the CJFL, winning a total of 4 National Championships (1974, 1979, 1984 and 1992). After 35 years of competition (1960-1995) in the CJFL, the Sooners moved to the Quebec Junior Football League for the beginning of the 1996 season. The Sooners have also achieved a moderate amount of success in the QJFL, winning 3 Manson Cup Championships (1997, 2001 and 2002). The Sooners will once again begin play in the CJFL for the start of the 2009 season. The Sooners have a long history in the city of Ottawa, and while playing in the QJFL they had developed a good rivalry with the Ottawa Junior Riders. Both of these teams now welcome the addition of a third junior football team in the Ottawa area, the Cumberland Panthers."
So take that for what it's worth.

Mateas' YouTube clips:

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