June 30, 2010

Linkbacker U is wondering where the recruits are

We are sticking with the pigskin today at Linkbacker U. And you knew we had to stick something in there about realignment, just to make sure the horse is dead.

Recruiting, or lack there of...

The 2010 season is still over two months away. But for many Penn State fans, the 2011 season can't come soon enough. It's early to start evaluating the freshman class for the 2011 team, especially since there doesn't appear to be much of a class at all yet. Black Shoe Diaries points out that the Lions have only received one commitment for the 2011 class, and wonder if it is time to worry.
"It's not even July and, admittedly, players decommit from other schools every year (see Shawney Kersey, Gerald Hodges, Michael Shaw, Pat Devlin, etc.). Still, it's officially time to be concerned about not only recruiting, but also the future of the program. Confront it with whatever emotion and cocktail you deem appropriate."
Personally, I think Penn State has much more immediate issues to worry about first, like finding a quarterback, a Penn State-esque linebacking corps, and someone who can punt.

Adam Rittenberg of ESPN has been doing a lot of player evaluation this off-season. First ranking the top 25 players in the conference (which is still in the process) and now evaluating the Big Ten's best on a position by position basis. Yesterday he chatted about the elite defensive tackles, listing players such as Cameron Heyward, J.J Watt and Karl Klug, but failed to even mention Penn State star defensive tackle and likely team captain Ollie Ogbu. Think Ogbu got slighted? Take a look for yourself.

Paterno won't be Sidelined from the Sideline

It's no secret that Joe has been battling the flu bug and health problems throughout much of the summer, canceling multiple "Evening with Joe" events. Could his health keep Paterno in the press box (his favorite place in the world) this fall? Not according to Ron Musselman of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, who expects Paterno to be running out of the tunnel with his Lions.
Coach Paterno has had intestinal issues this summer that have forced him to limit his efforts to team activities and therefore some of his personal appearances have been canceled," university president Graham Spanier said Monday night in an e-mail.

"We have no reason to be concerned about coach Paterno's ability to lead the team."
As for what Paterno will actually be doing on the sidelines during the games, well your guess is as good as mine.
Beating a Dead Horse... Division Alignment

Unless you've been living under a rock, which you probably haven't been if you are able to read this...Nebraska joined the Big 10, which now has 12 teams, and allowing the Big 10 to have a conference championship game. First on the agenda, however is to split the conference up into two divisions. North/South? East/West? Ohio State vs. everyone else? It's anyone's guess at this point how the conference will align once Nebraska joins in 2011, but Bob Smith of Pennlive.com is sticking with geography to figure this one out.

For my taste, 2011 is a long way away. There is enough that PSU faithful have to worry about for 2010.


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