June 27, 2010

NCAA 11: Clips of a Penn State dynasty

I guess it's been a boring enough weekend for me to think about NCAA 11 more than once. So here's a string of YouTube clips by madscientist06, featuring the first parts (including two games) of a Penn State offline dynasty in NCAA Football 11.

Just one few pre-viewing thought... I really hate the generic FCS (I-AA) team bullshit that EA has done in recent seasons. You would think that since FCS teams have gained significant notoriety in recent years (read:this) that at the very least their actual school names, uniforms and logos would be included in this game. After all, it wasn't all that long ago that EA actually had the I-AA teams in their NCAA Football games.

Part 1: Kind of odd that the offense is a full four grade points higher than the defense. I'll take it though. Notice the same very lame pre-game routines by the marching bands. "USA," really? I thought there was supposed to be more emphasis on the pre-game atmosphere in this edition. If EA doesn't include even a still shot of "The Floating Lions" or the block "PSU" formation, then what the hell is the point of showing the band at all???

Part 2: The stadium itself looks much cleaner, with more of the details that actually grace the venue. But again, where's the band in the stands? They were on the field pre-game. They must have gone somewhere. EA is really screwing up the bands in this game. Graham Zug muffs the punt, so at least they got that part correct.

Part 3: On special teams (punt returns, specifically) there are two #5's on the field. This is against NCAA rules, and should have been caught by the EA team.

Part 4: The "Play of the Game" should not have been Stephfon Green's garbage-time touchdown run. By the way... 93-0, really?

Part 5: I really like the improved dynasty screens. Recruiting looks to be much better this year, too. During the game, Mark Ingram runs for a long touchdown, but what's with these bogus "records" that EA keeps inserting into the game? I'm sure the previous long-run record was not a 77 yarder.

Part 6: PSU looks quick. No other comments.

Part 7 (final): Nothing really else here, either.

There still seemed to be too many big plays in this game. When a team scored, it always seemed like a big run or catch, especially in the Alabama vs Penn State game. I won't read into this too much, as this was just one guy playing two games. But it could take some decent amount of tweaking on the sliders to get this game a bit more realistic on the field. Off the field and pre-game? Well, that's just a lost cause at this point. The thing I really fear is that all these bad tendencies in-game (like those long, big plays) will be thoroughly exploited by all those 13-year-old assholes out there who just like to stick their fastest quarterback in the shotgun, scramble 30 yards straight backwards, and chuck it 90 yards down the field for a touchdown every time. Oh yeah, and that's after they went for every single 4th down in the game.

Still, can't wait.

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  1. I just watched a little of the last clip, but who is Matthews and why is he our QB?

  2. Depends Under garments6/28/2010 10:31 AM

    Who are they playing?

    Temple, Akron?

    PSU at least this year is upgrading their non-con schedule, their non con is usually filled with cream puffs!!!

    PSU will geat pasted by Alabama this year, the game has passed Joe Poop bye!!

  3. Yeah, we have our first troll!!!

  4. Does anyone else find it ironic that this douchebag troll hiding behind the user name "Depends" is making bowel-control jokes about JoePa?

  5. Tim, you see, the troll is just trying to illustrate that he is so confident about his own personal experiences with Depends that he is willing to endorse them for use among others.

  6. But oh yeah, he also forgot to mention Alabama's OOC schedule: San Jose State, Duke, and Georgia State.

    Mmmm... what a gauntlet there!