July 29, 2010

Linkbacker U can't help but root for Doug

Senior center Doug Klopacz (68) will finally get his chance to shine this fall, after an unfortunately injury-plagued career.
Doug Klopacz has waited his turn. This year, he might finally get to take it. After spending two seasons rehabilitating from an ACL tear before the 2008 Temple game--an injury which set him behind the 8-ball in the depth chart--Klopacz is fully healthy, and is ready to take charge of the center position. He spoke with PennLive.com about where he is and how he sees things going forward.
"It’s nice (to be starting)," says Klopacz, who still wears a brace on the knee in practice and games. "I got setback with my knee two years ago, but that’s the way things go, that’s life. You got to keep going and hope for the best and hopefully things work out, and that’s kind of what it’s looking like for me right now. So, I got to keep pushing and doing what I got to do."
Talk about a "Penn State" kind of kid. It's fantastic to see this kind of story unfold. Let's hope there's a happy ending in store.

Preseason depth charting is the name of the game this week, as you're all aware of the "official" depth chart released and covered here on Tuesday. Bill Kline over at the Allentown Morning Call offered up a pretty blunt--and a bit scary--assessment of the pending quarterback controversy--at least among fans--in Happy Valley.
Listing the top two quarterbacks alphabetically, with an ‘OR’ between them, signifies little. Newsome (right) closed spring practice as the starter, though the competition will continue into August. Jones is the wild card, having thrown two TD passes in the Blue-White Game. Fellow freshman Robert Bolden, who arrived in June, could earn a spot here if he isn’t redshirted. Receiver Derek Moye said Bolden “seems like the best athlete” among the quarterbacks.
It'll be an interesting September.

Just reLAX. When Penn State hired Jeff Tramboni as the new men's lacrosse coach, it might have done more than just look like a good move. It may have just saved a great player from leaving the program.
Inside Lacrosse reported in May that Mackrides had received a temporary release from the Nittany Lions lacrosse team to explore possible transfer options. That decision followed former Penn State coach Glenn Thiel's retirement after 33 years in Happy Valley.

Since Mackrides' decision to ask for a transfer, Penn State hired former Cornell head coach Jeff Tambroni to take over the program, just a month after making a second consecutive appearance at Championship Weekend. Mackrides is said to be comfortable in the current place.
And you thought football and basketball were the only drama playing in town.

Curt Warner wants a playoff. So, naturally, we listen to what he has to say about it. From Big Ten Guru:
"We can still keep the bowl games and have the best of both worlds. There's a ton of bowl games out there, and some teams will be in the mix for that. Others won't and you can take it for what's worth," he continued.

So when will we see this happen? In our lifetimes?

"I would say in the next 5-10 years we'll see it leaning in that direction a little more so," Warner stated.
Say it with me... YES!

Get your parking passes early. Cuz they're going to cost you a pretty penny on gamedays this season, as WFY warns us:
There is a big price increase for Beaver Stadium parking this coming Penn State Nittany Lions football season. Parking passes bought day of game will go up in price from $20 to $40. Wow, I thought $20 was steep. Parking passes bought in advance will be $12 which is a lot more reasonable.
I'll just park in a free lot in town, thanks.

BSD "sat down" with Penn State historian Lou Prato, in a two-part Q&A.

Jack Tatum died Tuesday from a heart attack. He was a giant in both college and the NFL, and will be missed.

Michigan State can go to the Rose Bowl this year, according to Pete Fiutak, who obviously had one too many before making that prediction.

Former PSU lineman Phil Taylor is looking to breakout this year for the Baylor Bears.

The Big 12 might change its name. As if we couldn't see this coming.

The Miami Hurricanes were voted into three different spots on SI.com's list of the 25 most hated sports teams. The 1986 football team was No. 1. Funny, I actually really, really love that year's Fiesta Bowl appearance by the Canes.

Check back later today for this week's Thursday Question!

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