July 23, 2010

Linkbacker U finally gets some common sense on JoePa

Unfortunately, sane arguments don't pay the bills... Jeff Rice over at the CDT took his sweet time getting to the point--about 500 words into the article and we still didn't know what it was really getting to--but his point was well worth the wait. Weird, right? A mainstream sportswriter actually making a point at all?
Look, Paterno is not without character flaws. He can be more than a bit of a hothead, as stubborn as an old lawn mower and has an impulse to control things and people that just can’t be controlled that can drive him and those around him crazy.
I bet you all those JoePa detractors are fired up after reading that, huh? I mean, seriously, that old kook is past his prime, and ruining Penn State football!

But not so fast, my pessimistic friends!
Paterno has always kept his program behind lock and key, but the machine that helped build Woods and James has also turned college football into a three-ring circus. He tolerates it to an extent because of the money it brings his program and, in turn, the university, but he’s an old-school coach, with the emphasis on school. He believes as much as anyone in the concept of the student-athlete but knows that grade-point averages aren’t what draws ESPN to college campuses.

If Paterno is being a little selfish and refusing to step aside and give someone else a crack at leading one of the nation’s top programs, so what? That selfishness might mean a few more stud athletes get their degree, or a kid who grew up in Pennsylvania dreaming of playing for Joe Paterno will get to do just that.
Now if that isn't one of the most commonsensical string of words to come off a mainstream sportswriter's fingers this entire off-season, you show me otherwise.

But you know why this article is a problem? It won't draw nearly as many links (I like to think I do my part), and sure as hell won't generate as much fired up controversy as a certain other article LBU covered yesterday.

Penn State would be wise to put Kevin Newsome in position to succeed this fall, ala Michael Robinson 2005.

Kevin Newsome. Not the worst starting QB in the Big Ten? According to The Rivalry, Esq., that's the case. Their fantastic series breaking down the Big Ten starting quarterbacks continued yesterday with Kevin Newsome, who comes in No. 9 on the list.
I have confidence that if Newsome starts, PSU will find ways to use him effectively...unlike say Jim Tressel, who let Pryor wilt in a confusing Shotgun Spread for way too long before simplifying his gameplan ("Oh damn, you're telling me that's not Troy Smith back there? Whoops..."). Newsome can run like TP, but it remains to be seen whether he can make the 8 yard throws that keep secondaries honest and make the (I presume) run-focused Spread HD that much more effective.

Overall: C-
I'll take it! Seriously, though. Read the whole post. Don't get frustrated by the negatives, because they're all true. But get excited because they/we only had the Blue White Game (*see below) and a few snaps last season to go off of. If Jay Paterno and Galen Hall whip out the old Michael Robinson playbook, this offense will be rockin' in 2010.

Ain't no party, indeed. BSD catches us up on the whos and whats of the SEC domination of the universe, and how the media just gobbles it up.

Bobby and Joe will meet on the field again... ESPN's Ivan Maisel came away from the SEC media days with this little nugget I know Penn State fans like us will enjoy:
"Alabama athletic director Mal Moore told me that Bowden has accepted an invitation to the Crimson Tide’s game on Sept. 11 against Penn State. Bowden will see his childhood team play against the team of his old friend and competitor, Joe Paterno. Very cool."
Very cool, indeed.

Erin Andrews suing the Buckeyes? I'm not at all a legal mind, but is this talking about The Ohio State University?
Along with Barrett, the complaint named Marriott International Inc.; West End Hotel Partners LLC and Nashville Marriott At Vanderbilt University; Windsor Capital Group Inc.; Radisson Hotels International Inc.; Ashtel Inc. and Radisson Hotel Milwaukee Airport; Ohio State University and The Blackwell Inn; and Preferred Hotel Group Inc. and Summit Hotels & Resorts.

Marriott, Windsor, Preferred and Ohio State and the Nasville Marriott declined to comment. Ashtel and Radisson could not be reached.
That sure sounds like it.

Don't investigate me, bro! Florida Gators lineman Maurkice Pouncey is denying that he took $100,000 before the Sugar Bowl. Well, duh. What, you thought he would say "sure I did!" I actually kind of believe him. But you better believe Florida doesn't want this kind of story coming down the road at them.

Hello, Mr. Caldwell. Meet Vanderbilt's new head coach.

Win one bowl game, now we get this crap. Pitt is a top-five school, in the "best of both worlds" category of basketball and... football?

If LTP calls it a perfect post, well then... Just because Lake The Posts liked it so much, I pretty much have to tell you about this one by Sippin' on Purple.

*Since you probably want to waste 10 minutes doing something other than work on this Friday morning, here is our 10 Minutes or Less segment from the 2010 Blue White Game:

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  1. I enjoyed that "a little less than 10 minutes" Blue and White Game stream, it would be kick-ass if some articles could include past games and highlights just for those who would want to waste a little more time in their mornings lol