July 5, 2010

Linkbacker U has Pitt on its shoe, and can't get it off

Here's what Joe thinks of your Pitt rivalry!
Pitt vs Penn State... The cries grow louder. This has been hashed out too many times to do it again here, but considering it's not completely out of nowhere, we'll give it some air time. Bob Smizik quotes an article from About.com's Tim Hyland (a PSU grad):
"My question is simple, folks: Instead of goofing around with short, meaningless series against average-at-best opponents (see: Virginia, Rutgers, Syracuse), shouldn't Penn State finally get around to scheduling the one series that every true college football fan actually wants to see? Shouldn't Curley stop making playdates with the Orange in New Jersey, pick up his phone, touch base with that major university out there in Western Pennsylvania and finally--finally!--find a way to renew the Penn State-Pitt rivalry?"
Let me rephrase that question... Instead of goofing around with short, meaningless series against average-at-best opponents, shouldn't Penn State finally get around to scheduling a long-term, less lucrative series against one average-at-best opponent? I'll let you out there decide.

Speaking of Pitt... As if we needed yet another hair-on-fire column about how Joe Paterno's tummy ache is ruining Penn State recruiting, we get just that from the Altoona Mirror.
The Lions have only two verbal commitments so far, and there's no denying it's a problem.

"When you look at Penn State, the fans will measure it by what Pitt does and Ohio State and Michigan," Scout.com recruiting analyst Bob Lichtenfels said. "You know what? Those schools have a lot of verbals right now, and [PSU is] getting beat on some kids that they normally don't get beat on."
Sure, Cory Giger has a few lines about how it really isn't the end of the world for this year's class. But the remainder of the 738 words are spend on the impending doom to be wrought down on Penn State football as long as Joe Paterno remains head coach.

Because, you know, 51 wins over five seasons is just terrrrrible!

In other action...

BSD vs MGoBlog 2010. Who doesn't love a good ol' blog fight?

Nebraska's Phallic-esque Hot Dog Cannon. Oh, I know you're just itching to click on that link, huh?

Because Bama's really afraid of Georgia State. Hey, why shouldn't the SEC rework its schedule to accommodate the Crimson Tide? I mean, c'mon. They're like sooo awesome!

About the whole 'rivalry' thing. West Virginia just couldn't beat Penn State. So much so, that even losses to the Nittany Lions are honored in their "best games" countdown.

Now, go get another cup of coffee. That hangover ain't goin' away by itself, ya know!

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