July 27, 2010

Linkbacker U is in an Empire State of Mind

"Let's Hear it for New York"

Nebraska may be the Big Ten's most recent addition, but it may not be it's last. Jim Delaney wouldn't specifically talk about expansion with the New York Post, but did stress the importance of the city that never sleeps.

"Anyone who forgets that forgets at their peril," Delany told The Post in a telephone interview. "It's the center, it has been the center of media activity for a hundred years. It's the center of financial activity and it has been that way for 150 years. To me it's sort of where a lot of things start in the county."

A New Jersian myself, I would love to see the Big Ten expand east and admit Rutgers into the conference. Their stadium is expanding and they are in the process of developing a legitimate football program that is already on par with many of those in the Big Ten.

And I am personally shocked that a New York paper would cover anything college sports related at all.

McGloin just wants some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

So it's no secret that many are doubting the Penn State quarterback situation this season, not even to Matt McGloin himself. Kevin Newsome, Paul Jones, and Robert Bolden were all highly rated recruits coming out of high school, but McGloin earned his way onto the team as a walk-on.

Now in a reportedly close race with Newsome for the starting job, McGloin is out to get the respect he feels he deserves.

“I can control a game. And I think the team rallies around me because of this,” McGloin said. “I can be a leader in and out of the huddle. I believe I can get the job done and a lot of the guys on the team think that way as well.”

I'm content with either McGloin or Newsome under center, as long as they don't mind handing off to Royster a few dozen times per game.

You mean the 'Bama game didn't happen yet?

Not quite sure what kind of hogwash goes on at VictoryBellRings.com, but they're under the impression that this Alabama game hasn't been played yet. I kind of thought that Penn State already lost by 30? Or at least thats the way everyone is making it seem.

But Victory Bell Rings doesn't seem to think so. They are featuring a three part series on how Penn State can knock off the defending champions. And they bring up one excellent point about the supposedly rock solid 'Bama defense.

"Starters–Maybe the most glaring issue the Tide have to deal with is the loss of 8 defensive starters to graduation/NFL as well as the loss of Marcel Dareus (Who was by the way the MVP of the National Championship Game) due to an NCAA investigation. That leaves Alabama 2 defensive starters as well as Dont’a Hightower who will be coming back from injury.

While Nick Saben is known for his defensive mindedness, coaching a new core of players to a high level only a game into the season is no small task. Alabama fans will point to their 5th ranked recruiting class, one which is chalk full of talented, speedy defensive players, but to assume that all of these players will A) Replace the leadership, and B) Dominate out of the gate, is a little too much. It is possible, but generally talent will get you far, but talent coupled with experience will win you games."

I definitely recommend heading over there to read more.

Arrington Number 2

NittanyWhiteOut keeps chugging along with their 44 best players under the Joe Pa regime. John Cappelletti was number one, and they decided LaVar Arrington was second best. Ranking the best all time Penn State linebackers is probably even more difficult than picking your favorite creamery flavor, but theres no doubting he had the more success than his teammate picked before him in the 2000 NFL Draft: Courtney Brown.

Catching Up with Sean Lee

If only he didn't get hurt. Sean Lee could have possibly been the most talented linebacker since Arrington. But nonetheless, he overcame the bumps, bruises and torn ACL to get off to quite the start in the NFL. DallasNews.com sat down with the former PSU linebacker to find out how his transition to the pro ranks is going.


  1. The 44 for 44 players are in no specific order. But I did start out with two big ones.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Devon. I must've gotten the wrong impression from the first post.

  3. Nothing harder than being the guy who says...Hell yea the patriots are going to lose!