July 16, 2010

NCAA 11: (updated) 12-Team Big Ten Online Dynasty on 360

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Here's the scoop for all you 360 owners out there. We have a few players on board so far. However, it would be really cool if we can play the online dynasty as the Big Ten will look in 2011. That means a 12-team 11-team league with Nebraska, instead of Minnesota, because no one picked the Gophers.

My gamertag is ZombieNationPSU. Find me online and send me a message if you want in, and include a first, second and third team choice for which team you would like to play. I can't guarantee everyone will get their picks, but this is supposed to be for fun. I'm sure most of you will have other online and offline dynasties, too. You can also email me with that info at ZombieNationPSU[at]gmail[dot]com

Ground Rules: Don't sign up if you don't play fair. What does that mean?

1. No scrambling around the backfield for 10 minutes, then heaving a bomb 70 yards down field.

2. No going for it on 4th down in unrealistic situations. For example, if you're on your own 45, and it's 4th and 12, you better punt the ball.

3. Good sportsmanship is a requirement. If your team is up by 35 late in the 4th quarter, you better call off the dogs.

4. Use common sense. We're here to have fun and play football. This isn't the place to act juvenile, either on or off the field.

I'd also like to play on Heisman difficulty, but if the majority say they want All-American, I'm okay with that.

Rosters: I'm going to use custom rosters from the guys at Operation Sports. They are now working on fixing their first draft. But all the players will be named. All the transfers/dismissals will be transferred/dismissed. And all that other good stuff, too.

So get on board today. I will launch the dynasty this weekend, probably the originally intended start day of Saturday (tomorrow) night. But if we have to push it back to Sunday or Monday, that's fine, too.

Here is the chart. UPDATED AS OF 11:20 A.M. 7/18. I will update it as players commit.

Michigan StMAYBE
Ohio StateTaken
Penn StateTaken
*Tim is working on getting the game and getting online. Until we know more, we're holding his spot as Nebraska. But if Tim can't play, then we'll open up NE to anyone else who wants in. I THINK we can add players even if we've already started the online dynasty.

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  1. Online dynasty update: Right now, it looks like we will be going with 11 teams in teh Big Ten, since EA still doesn't allow you to grow or shrink the "custom" conferences; you can only swap teams in and out, but no adding/subtracting.

    So, that means we will just drop whatever team doesn't get picked by our group of players. It'll work out fine. I'll work on this tonight, and hopefully we can start tomorrow.

  2. Update #2: Six of the ten are checked in online. We still should have one more spot open. Probably either Michigan State, Purdue, or Nebraska. But not totally sure which one will be open. Check back.

  3. Need another?? I'll take best available

  4. You want MSU? What's your gamertag? I'll invite you.

  5. Send me an email, or just friend me on XBOX Live

  6. Any spots still available? If some I'd be game for any of the remaining teams, if not then o well :(

  7. @Anthony send me an email (ZombieNationPSU[at]gmail[dot]com) or friend me on XBOX Live (ZombieNationPSU)

    We still need a Michigan State player. I'm surprised no one took them already. They should bee pretty good this year.

  8. Someone actually WANTS Indiana?

  9. Yeah. I wanted Indiana. Im a grad student with season tickets there. If I dont get many injuries, I can hang with most of you.